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Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Be patient, persevere and
all obstacles disappear.
If theres a wall, ram through and climb over it.
No matter what, there is nothing you cannot do!

Be back soon!
Lyn ***
Donna Apr 2018
When I get scary
thoughts I let them swim on by
Then I watch them drown
Much love to u all :)
Within Pantheon Of Classical Gods

stricken with affliction,
sans amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
(also known as ALS, 
or Lou Gehrig's disease)

in the prime of his youth wrought
underestimation, vitiated termination,
targeted sequestration,
solidified rigidification,

rendered quandary,
per paralyzation obliterated,
nixed navigation,
morphed motivation,

marked limitation
kickstarted infatuation,
jinxed immobilization,
induced intellectual hyperfunction,

garnered fundamental fascination,
fanned fabled exploration,
devastation demonstrated
delectable declaration,

cosmological constant comet
clinched, chained certain capitulation,
brainstormed benefaction,
benediction attribution assured.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
his longevity (marked by bing permanently
     linkedin, hitched, drafted
     to a custom made wheelchair,
his brilliant unsullied scientific genius)

     endured seventy six orbitz veer
ring round the nearest star,
     though seemingly motionless, he freed their
ret tickle physiochemical insight

     encompassing, revolutionizing,
     and jaw-dropping, revelations
     with mortals he did share
transcendent seeded plentifully

     mental limitless groundswell
     fed his fecund rare
if eyed cogitated, formulated, insulated
     (infinitesimal nook and cranny) force queer

lee disproportionate overly endowed capacity
     bracketed with mar ching madness peer
ring with laser, razor, and taser sharp mind
     (or a minuscule approximate near

facsimile thereof) scrutinizing, positing,
     and discerning astronomical phenomena mere
via concentrating gifted limned, and rapacious,
     though processes affixed
     with a visage mordantly like King Lear.
Camryn Feb 2018
Today I was told a story
Of a little child and her bird
And of how she had a string
That she tied to its leg
Every time she let the bird go
It would start to fly away, thinking it was free
But she would always pull the bird back,

And the bird never learned
So it kept trying to fly away
Hoping one day his wish would come true

I feel like the bird
Always trying to be free
But being pulled back by some force that I have yet to discover

Maybe the bird always knew
That he would die in the child's hands

Just like I know
That I will keep trying,
Trying to fly away
Even if my string is pulling me back
Not really a poem but...
Andrew Ewen Feb 2018
OCD is a part of my life that I thought was over and done.
Turns out it is a battle that is not easily won.
There will be ups and downs, it will be a war.
Things may never be the way, they quite were before.
I am determined though to keep it under control; this is a battle I'm sure I can win.
I just need to suppress it, this evil within.
Benji James Jan 2018
Here it comes, here it comes
my silver lining
watch the lightning striking
these waves come crashing down
The fallen and the fearless
are in the house
Oh, oh
here comes my silver lining.

Eyeliner and painted nails
mascara starts running
when you sweat it out
watch out now
here it comes
it's on the horizon
here comes the sun
and my silver lining

The moon is glistening
over the open ocean
nothing goes to plan
even when set in motion

Money Burns, life's a mess,
girls can play hard to get.
Love is tough, the road is rough
but we're taken on challenges
as they come
I'm coming up hard
I'm coming up fast
I gotta silver lining
within my grasp

Here it comes, here it comes
my silver lining
watch the lightning striking
these waves come crashing down
The fallen and the fearless
are in the house
Oh, oh
here comes my silver lining.

Eyeliner and painted nails
mascara starts running
when you sweat it out
watch out now
here it comes
it's on the horizon
here comes the sun
and my silver lining

©2018 Written By Benji James
jennifer delong Jan 2018
Wrapped in a hurricane
Spinning and feeling outta control
Screaming to let go
Why does it hurt me so
Trust me I will stop this
I will not let it spin me
outta my soul
Karma will be
the fate of those
for my wiccian soul
tells me so
© Jennifer L Dlg 1/19/2018
Life and love can be such a pain
John Bartholomew Jan 2018
As I sit here just chewing the cud
Nights lost and debauched with my friend Richard
Picking up that guitar as a kid from Cash Converters
He left me for the sun down under with the students and the surfers

E Minor through to a chord named A Sharp
Strangling that neck with fingers that don’t know where to start
I should have listened to Mr Hogarth for this career in its finest form
Rocking out on stage wow that would have been a storm

But it’s never too late to try and give it another go
Read music they say but I wouldn’t know my **** from my elbow
No, no, no, that’s not the attitude
I’ll plug this thing and never give up as someday I’ll fill those smoky rooms

I joined a band with 2 brothers and bassist of whom I did not know
Mill Hill practice every Sunday just thought I’d give it a go
But only one song and a commitment I could not keep it was always bound to fail
I’ll carry on solo still looking on but really just chasing my own tail

Work carried on as a plumber of which I never did really enjoy
But it paid the bills
A mortgage
A van
And a wedding on the horizon
All in sight except for that unseen tree which nearly stopped me from ever rising

Paraplegic is a word I had rarely ever used
you’re a *******, a ****, I had said once myself how dare I have used that abuse
To be told you will never walk again is a shot that broke my heart
Don’t let it get you down be strong and try for a brand new start
The days go by at the start of this new journey
The loss of once friends and to gain some new is now what must ground me
A different perspective and a sharper humour has now unveiled
Hello new world you won’t get me down just watch this beast unravel

Taking the good with the bad and filtering through the ugly
A different ship to now set sail, get ready for this could get choppy
But as I say and always repeat, life goes on its just how you take it
This second chance given to me a bit lower down, but still determined to make it,
Hey Mr Wheelchair.

“I had learned quickly that life doesn't always go the way I want it to, and that's okay. I still plod on.”
― Sarah Todd Hammer, Determination

“Know me for my abilities, not my disability.” Robert M. Hensel

“My disability has opened my eyes to see my true abilities.” Robert M. Hensel
PoETE Poet-Pete Dec 2017
Caught in between, reality and our dreams,
But once we encapsulate our visions, it’s clearer than it seems,
Allow the mind to combine, with your destiny, now allow your vision and dreams to inter-twine,
Reach for that sky, and tell yourself “you’re all mine”
Like fine wine, enjoy the aroma, while you maneuver and grind,
Now again allow your mind to combine and inter-twine,
There are no rules, so cheating is not an option,
A true skin to skin, fist to fist style boxing,
Defend your dreams and conquer your visions,
No time to stop, and no time to makes excuses as decisions.
Written by
~©~ Protected & never neglected.
{2000 ~~ 2017)
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