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Yuchu Jun 2020
Elephant in the room
Is air
Is fire is burning in the hell
Is the fallen tower of Babel
Is the cut heads that people throw at each other over the high wall everywhere

Is one of our eye contacts
A sigh
A cry
Every second we choose to be silent

Is the fox running with confusion on the deserted streets in evening peak times
Is flags and horns
Is the sum of city T, Z and G, with many histories going back and forth
Is the wind, blowing every corner of the world
Is the instant and eternity that cannot be distinguished

You just write and write
Flee and flee
but cannot escape from the foot stepped by the elephant in the room

I shout and shout
Run and run
Just to see the momentary light
About my political depression...
Yuchu May 2020
The plague took away our spring
Warm sunshine and scent of buds
It split our intertwined roots and replaced them with the barriers made by chasm
The plague covered this dark night
Darker than the night is fear, hatred and arrogance
A little spark will be seen thousands of miles away
Extinguished by the tide of the crowd
People who carried their burning head had to extinguish these flames
Therefore the believers of them are lost again
Those who were suddenly shrouded in darkness, ran around, wanted to find the gap in the heavy curtain, or cover up their eyes, ears, nose and mouth
In the darkness, there is no light
Darkness spreads like raw oil carried by ocean currents
There is no way that the darkness has a border or escape
The way to fill the house was written in the fable* a long time ago
Someday ...
*In this fable, a master asked three apprentices to buy things to fill the house with very limited money. The first apprentice bought cotton, but can only fill 1/2 of the house. The second apprentice bought straw, but can only fill 2/3 of the house. The last apprentice bought a candle, and the light from the candle lit the whole house. So the correct answer is light
Yuchu May 2020
I shoved the absurdity into the woodpile
The fire was crackling and raging
Licking the bottom of the *** that is already worn
Demons and ghosts and phantoms of people who went crazy are dancing inside
Why are you moving it, how tiring!
The cat in the room asked
Why don't you join us, how stupid!
Red ***** on the chopping board asked
No, I said, no
I used ridiculousness to pile firewood higher
The fire will not go out in nine hundred and ninety-one days
I'm going to use this fire to cook, bathe and change clothes
When reality is more absurd than even magical realism stories...

— The End —