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hybridstorm Jul 2020
My heart tenses,
I look down,
the blackness is pouring out of me.
I am dying,
like I have many times before,
I wonder what I will be born at this time.
My face flinches,
this hurts.
I look up at fleeting stars,
I breathe in the light cold breeze,
I bid adieu to the black trees
and smile at the curios cat peering at me.
I leave,
not knowing much,
just knowing the fact that I will surely meet the ever-encompassing,
Life is full of challenges, you will make a fool of yourself regularly, learn to roll with it. Do not worry and waste your time, take action. Never give up.
Life is too short to focus on the negatives, accept and move on.
hybridstorm Jul 2020
Hey future,
I need you to listen to me,
I yearn for splashes of colors
for I have traces invisible
I work for hands reliable
for I need to have what it takes for the undescribable
I try to get things all nice and glowy
so please make them sliced yet flowy.

                                                         ­            -storm-
Future-the mind boggler.
hybridstorm Jul 2020
I stared with no expression
at the white light
and wondered about black and red.
I wondered what I would do if
things went all but soft and white.
I felt I would wither,
I decided to keep myself happy,
I decided I would put white silk cushions
in my heart's cave
and would invite the rain and winds
to smother me
with cool love
and keep me soft.

Alone in the lockdown, in front of screens, one may feel anxious and worried. As mature beings, I think it is best for us to adjust our minds to the thoughts of all kinds of destinies. We go through trauma and get depressed when we have to live lives we never thought we may have to live. At this point in time is when the presence of God the almighty comes in. He is like cool water freezing your boiling and scalded anxious mind. He will give what is best for you, all you need to do keep on worshipping Him and trust your case with him.
hybridstorm Jul 2020
The flowing lava,
turns my blood to molten magma,
and yet makes feel so alive.

Power, passion, painting, practicing, and presenting are 5 Ps in the same pod. They all share the characteristic emotion of wild enthusiasm which may be perceived in different ways.
hybridstorm Jul 2020
As I ride my bicycle,
Its wheel going a dull dum-dum-dum
on the veranda tiles.
I hearken to the straining of
the bicycle chain
and screeching o so soft when I turn the steering.
I feel as though something is changing in me.
A light cool breeze enters my chest,
expanding, releasing, expanding, releasing.
As I listen to the endless melodies of the stone tile,
I feel as though something is changing in me.
As I hear the faint yawn of the wheels,
I feel cracking, twisting, shedding,
and I realize,
the work of the bicycle and tile.

Change and wisdom may come from very unexpected places, it is your duty to pay attention, all senses and energies concentrated.
hybridstorm Jul 2020
My ship was attacked,
And, I being blue,
thought that it was the end.
My crew was not putting up a
fight at all.
They smashed my decks,
tore my masts and laughed as my ship wailed in agony.
I stared up at them,
I knew that fighting with them would
mean my doom
and I knew that I did not have anyone to scare them away from me.
I did not want them on my ship.
I know that I may not be the best captan,
I know I may not be the most bloodthirsty or ruthless,
but this is my ship
and I want to be in control of it.
I hooked my eyes on them,
expression blank
and walked towards them.
I felt a cool hardness in my soul.
They were going to get off of my ship,
without me
having to do a single thing.
I breathed in light
and then expelled
mines of gold sedimented
in black and blurry grey
from the depths of my yellow heart.
I make a sphere of gold translucent
around my ship,
pushing away all the unwanted.
My ship came back to life,
the light had cured.
I go on,
to the horizon
to meet the purple sun
and tell Him all about my adventure.

For an artist, even the littlest things feel like an epic blockbuster. The poem above can be thought of like the vibe during a workout, trying to study, or just getting up from the bed. I motivate myself and learn by connecting to my imagination and my more tender and childish emotions, it might be seen as questionable and unnecessary by some, but I beg to differ. Having a reason to smile, having the courage to laugh at your gloomy thoughts, having the power to channel your outcomes and of course not just giving up on yourself is what makes you full and content. Man's first obligation is to man himself, and man must learn how to defeat one's problems with wisdom,non-violence, and poise. Also one must never make bonds with others that one is incapable of breaking when manipulated.
hybridstorm May 2020
A little wit I think I have,
A little strength I believe I have,
A little heart I sure do have,
A little soul I currently have,
A little beauty I thankfully have,
A little friend in you fortunately I have,
A little grace inherently I have,
A little luck hopefully must I have.
And yet you look so confused,
when I do not fear the so little that I have
                                                                ­                  -storm-
Realize your blessings and be content with them. Never lean towards extremism and unnecessary perfectionism. Realize that nature is a balance, and you are a part of it. Live a humble, happy, simple, and worthy life for it is what is best for you. Fear is like poison, knowledge is its antidote. Be inquisitive, brave, and calm all at the same time in adequate amounts. There is absolutely no need for you to hide from the spotlight that is rightfully yours because you feel like you are apparently "not enough".BOSS UP!
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