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Fiery red,  rage free

Greens have gone into slumber

Hope and peace awaits
blazing soul Mar 2020
Tears so subliminal that it quenches the scorching  radiation of the sun, that it watereth the most dreary of deserts..
Tears taken from the very ocean of life,
Ocean which is the event horizon of ships..
Ships whose propellers are naught but two elements, with the given names pleasure and fear..  
Two elements driven the ship thither and whither but to the nigh end..
End which is determined yet not determined, an interim end which transient into phases..
Transient between phases..
Diána Bósa Jul 2017
You find me within
the interim for I will
be recognized as

the final. Though the
distance is my shelter, I
am near at hand;

on my way just to
get in yours. Reflect me; see
what is hiding your beneath.
Kennedy Taylor Dec 2014
I've found an infinity between comparison and reality;
A gap between everything and nothingness,
A dream between being asleep and lucid,
A time between now and forever.

I've found an escape between chaos and logic;
A note between two keys,
A word between two sentences,
A color between two hues.

I've found a void deprived of emptiness;
A space between comfort and accord,
A spark between flames,
A forest between the soil and seeds.

I've found a sanctuary between time and erosion;
A point between here and now,
A peace between me and everything,
A monument between decay and permanence.

I've found an Interim.
The most testing period of my research life (and my life too) coincided with the most prolific period of poetry writing of mine.

For more than 50 days on a trot, I wrote about 50 poems and almost none were mediocre, and few of them were my best. A poem a day. Almost! Which is unimaginable at the beginning of this year

Now I'm going for an onslaught for a work I have been battling all these days. I need all my energy and mental and physical resources.

Yes. I'm gonna take a break. A small break.

Will come back rejuvenated with all your wishes and blessings.

Thanks for the encouragement and collaborations

I'll be back!

— The End —