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Alex Gifford Apr 25
The demons begged to stay in town,
the Lord gave them permission.
But not in him, into the pigs,
commanded the physician.

Herdsmen begged the Lord to leave,
afraid of what they’ve witnessed.
And so returning to his boat,
he left them with their sickness.

Ex demon man did also beg
he asked, could he come with him.
But since the Lord was now to leave,
he left him with a mission.
A poem on Mark 5
Alex Gifford Dec 2023
To max out gross pleasure, from what I can glean.
Is to do what you want, go learn from Epstein.
But net the destruction and you’ll find instead
That your life’s net pleasure may end in the red.

The highest net pleasure is loving yourself.
So focus on you, take care of your health.
But mothers who pour out themselves for their young.
Despite self neglect, will have their names sung.  

The highest net pleasure is loving your kind,
Your family, your friends, all humans alive.
Although you are close, there's still room to err,
if man is your god, then God’s not your share.

The highest net pleasure then is to love God.
He’ll have you love others and you’ll have his nod.
Now pain will have purpose though may still be grim.
He made you for pleasure, but pleasure in him.
Alex Gifford Dec 2023
Secretly we dated.
I was a ship being moored
And she was the wild sea
that didn’t follow the Lord.

I led her into faith,
she made my God her rudder.
Then reported to me,
God wants her with another.
Unfortunately, a true story
Alex Gifford May 2023
I'll only say it once
and I'll say it really fast.

Why's it matter?
You'll be tested.

Have you used this?
Yes, I teach it.
Written March 2020
Alex Gifford May 2023
There's fear in you that you can't see.
It's why you're numb with apathy.
It's why you never want to try.
It's why you're working 9 to die,

It's why you put yourself in line.
It's why you lie and say you're fine.
It's why you stand when you should dance.
It's why you're waiting for your "chance".
Alex Gifford Jun 2022
It's been seven years
And too many tears.
I pray that we are still friends.

It's hard to word right
To be true yet be light.
Can't tell what I'm trying to mend.

Embarrassed to say
I hate it's this way
that your hurt is my hurt too.

If only I could,
I swear that I would
feel all of your pain for you.
Alex Gifford Jun 2022
What is sometimes hard to take,
hard to ask,
hard to make?

What can sometimes search with breadth,
Or can aim,
Or have depth?

What can sometimes move a pen,
move a nation,
Move it's men?

What can sometimes show you care,
or be loaded,
Or unfair?

What can sometimes take your sleep,
make you happy,
make you weep?
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