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Alex Gifford Sep 25
I really like you all.
Not sure why we don't jive
but my best when I'm with you
is only half-alive.
Alex Gifford Sep 9
What once was fire in your eyes,
is smoldering,
about to die.

What once was fire in your veins,
is spilling out,
it slowly wanes.

Lost in a fog,
Drained of your blood,
Spine feeling soft,
Face in the mud.

Now fan the embers in your eyes,
consume what's left,
by fire baptize.
Alex Gifford Sep 9
Move the magnet from your compass
when you want to know the way.
Slay the snake inside your stomach,
it hunts truth, its only prey.

Throw a stone at self-deception
though the mirrors in your hall.
Can't you feel it, breathing slowly?
None but pride before the fall.
Alex Gifford Sep 9
Planned departer, back-up martyr,
More required, less inspired,
Sparse support 'till last resort,
Strong aversion, faint exertion.

In the waiting 'til you're cornered,
you have foundered at the start.
Since not searching for the needy
shows you lack the hero's heart.
Alex Gifford Sep 5
Bruised and ******,
arms restrained
this criminal correctly blamed
for trying to release another.

Who not a friend
nor a brother
but thought it wrong
to just let suffer.
So together
in a cage
held conviction,
suppressed rage,

And whispered words
in hopes to capture
a nudging deep within the captor.
but dismayed,
their guardian then proclaimed,
"when dogs are slaves,
you've no regrets,
yet misbehave
when men are
A bit dark. It was inspired by the realization that many peoples explanation behind human value is completely subjective.
Alex Gifford Sep 4
If I die today,
Speak nothing more than truth,
I didn't die a hero,
I didn't miss my youth.

My legacy in fire,
Burn away the chaff,
not the greatest man you knew,
But missed the makers wrath.

So say "he's a broken light
that craved to mend himself.
He trusted in the Lord who saves,
considered Him true wealth."
I don't want people to pretend I'm a greater person than I actually am when I die. But to remember me with complete honesty, as a flawed person who felt a need for God.

Thanks for reading.
Alex Gifford Aug 29
"It's okay, you're forgiven."
I wipe her tears while she cries,

And smile, feelings hidden.
I struggle to look in her eyes.

I took as much of her pain as I could.
Then balled up in the shower alone
to tremble and sob and groan.
I won't explain the event this poem is based off of, but would like to point out that forgiveness often involves you removing someone's guilt by taking some of the pain onto yourself.

During this difficult time I was motivated by believing that I was forgiven by Christ who did this exact thing to me in his death.
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