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  2d rgz
Mrs Timetable
Sorry,  not much to see
Not much to read
My heart is under my long sleeves
Coaxing just won’t leave
rgz 5d
you don't get me
I don't get you
  5d rgz
“Never again”
Is but a moment’s truth,
There’s always
More heart to be broken
I’m not a warrior
I’m just a soldier.

I talk too much
With little words
You speak a lot
And amuse me
Please never stop
Traveler Tim
rgz 5d
A willing captive
gripped tight by her eyes,
steely, grey
and sparkling bright
in love
I watch her talk,
a loquacious fluence,
and study her lips like
a foreign language

your attention is slipping.

not at all.

well, she said
haven't you ever been in love?

I must have been
surely, I think
or something more akin
to time standing still,
the sands sculpting a moment
of a thousand lifetimes.

of course I have.

where is your love now?

right here, I think
chronic and immutable,
boxed into lines,
safeguarded and sound
in dreams and reflections,
a farce of mimicry.

well travelled,
I would say.

like blood from a stone.
well, she said
I'm glad you came,
will you come again?

and she went,
leaving me
with a pocketful of sand.

of course I will.
I have no idea what I am doing
rgz May 19
In the mirror lies
an unidentified twin,
eyeing dark lines
in light of the past.

Entwined in the finite
shedding of skin,
a reticent shadow
with shackles to cast.

As black and hollow
as ink over glass,
a lingering flame
slowly flickers and dies.

Shattering twilight
reveals at the last,
a birth to dust
from which we rise.
my mirrors are all cheap
rgz May 18
I tried
with thanks to BLT's "word of the day" challenge
rgz May 18
ur Fa¢es a
to dehumanise
to inc€ntivi$e
y.our neighb.our
NnNot y.our friend
it cou/d be y0u
you OR us
u r us
w3 are the ¢0llect)-(ive
a Unit
reAdy And Able
to b€e counted
e¥es and 4our willing limbs
a Pr0phet MachiNe
no 0ld man is anN island
No has a Fa¢e
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