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rgz 13h
Like a fistful of sand
Leaky and incomplete
Something I can't grasp
Like talking in my sleep

Of dreams in daylight
Of things that never were
Like reflected starlight
Music gone unheard

Of cold nights and warm lips
Of skeletons and their prayers
From buried paths they slip
Abandoning their lairs

Like a stream in the night
It's darkest depths concealed
Like snow's last flight
Melts as it's revealed
Someone said to me today (I forget who he was quoting) that it's the things we don't remember that define us
I find this to be a somewhat unfortunate truth
rgz 7d
A hallowed scene flickers, bereft
echoes of what was
A shallow sea mirrors the theft
covetous and lost
Harrowed screams from listless breath
call the faithless home
To shadowed dreams of whispered death
a folly all your own
Should it be a comma or a dash I don't really know?
I think a comma looks nicer anyway
rgz 7d
Music on beat
Music off key
Music from the heart
Music from a ****
Foreign music
Boring music
Torrents of abhorrent music
Sad music
Fast music
Do-a-boring-task music
Music on the phone
Music to sell your soul
Music to make you rock out
Music you have to block out
Music you use to shock and abuse
Music used to educate and enthuse
Music on a drive
Music to survive
Music to inspire another to rise higher
Music in the shower
Music used for power
Music is devoured
Every minute, every hour
Who doesn't love music?
So many untold uses
I use it to build up my soul like home improvements
music is as music does
rgz Feb 4
Life really bothered me
not what it ought to be
all the monotony
and hypocrisy
really got to me
lost the plot, you see
these thoughts are like rot to me
I've reached the point of screaming
here I'm seated and I don't see a
way of dealing
it's deceiving, my heart's beating
as it's freezing, barely breathing
while I'm being seized by demons
cheated by the dealer's scheming
Feeling ******
like someone must have turned the lights off
just a write-off with the sight of
a blind man who's guide dog took the night off
I tried hope
try as I might though the light won't rise so
it's vital I fight for a new height to climb to
but the night's too
a never ending marathon
I'm done spending my energy on
fall off the bike and get back on
repeat the cycle dusk til dawn
exercise is meant to get the demons gone
but I never brought the priest along
I need a new keyboard
growing very tired of pasting "L"
rgz Feb 1
the tiniest spark
can light the way in the dark
do you have a flint?
an actual haiku
and i resisted the urge to rhyme the whole thing
rgz Jan 30
seemed like an easy road to go down
but the trees have all regrown now
it's getting narrow, growing dark
I need to stop but I can't slow down
there's nowhere left to turn round
and I can barely hear the sound
of my own voice
through all this noise
the walls are closing in
s u r r o u n d i n g
my blood is pounding
demons are hounding
stalking through the dark
i'm feeling around in
not the kind of place
you want to be found in
but it seemed like
such an easy road
I had to go down it
about like drugs
or like
or like
rgz Jan 30
To see;
not just look
you know that old adage
about books

To taste;
sour and sweet
your own medicine
a bitter defeat

To hear;
and truly listen
not just drop out
and tune in

To breathe;
a chill winter air
a sigh of relief
after a sordid affair

To feel;
with no fear or restriction
the joy in the rain
harmony and friction

To be;
not just a thought
a dream
or a plot
William Strunk says "not" is a weak word
I've tried to use it more as antithesis rather than avoidance but I can't help NOT liking it
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