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Gerald Jun 25
She holds the
moon in her eyes.
His eyes hold
the sea.

Her beauty enchanting;
casually, she'd make
him cry if she

Witches worship her aura.
Wolves bowl, howling.

She knows she isย magic.
Gerald May 22
Heart on my sleeve. My soul on a leash.
Gerald May 2
I am a body of people
from my past,
stammering I love you's
and sudden goodbyes.
Gerald Nov 2022
You could love me the deepest;
fight the Ocean for its tittle.

You could enchant my soul;
replacing the moon on the horizon.

But even after all that, If you want my heart, you'll have to learn to share with the darkness.
Gerald Sep 2022
They will tell you different. But real pain, never really goes away. It is just latent.
latent (not comparable)

1. Existing or present but concealed or inactive.

2. (biology) lying dormant or hidden until circumstances are suitable for development or manifestation.
Gerald Aug 2022
Your demons can come too.
Gerald Jul 2022
She said, "I love the hardest.
My love can hit you hard like a train."

He said, "it's okay, I can take it."

"And my soul has a certain darkness, it will sometimes drive you insane. Poison you, like kryptonite does Superman."

He said, "it's okay, you can be my weakness."
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