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Gerald Jul 6
I gave her my heart, but she never cares for it.

It just sits there collecting dust.
Gerald Jun 26
Don't get too close.
                     I     e  x  p   l   o     d   e!
Gerald Jun 23
We are not together any more, but you still won't leave me alone.
     You keep haunting my heart.
Gerald Jun 22
Candles burn out,

Gerald Jun 21
You can throw me to the wolves, they won't hurt me. The wolves know my scent. We howl at the moon together.

You can take me to the demons, they don't terrify me. The devil knows my name. We spend nights together.

You can give me up to ghosts so they haunt me. Oh! How they like it; this void in my chest, where my heart used to be.
Gerald Jun 20
"Just how dark?" They ask.

"Sometimes I give the devil quite a scare," I reply.
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