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Payton Feb 24
I dreamed you kissed me  and when I woke, I was unkissed, and alone.

So darling, kiss me now, kiss me like you did in that dream.

Kiss me with the lips you used to spit daggers and whisper secrets, and soothe souls.

Kiss me like the sky kisses the earth when the sun sets.
This poem was written in 2016.
Alina Dec 2020
I think you never really move on from 'that' person. The pain just becomes more dull where it once was so sharp, sending daggers in to your oh so tender heart.

chang cosido Nov 2020
in one of my dreams,
I was a witch.
burning .
at the stakes.
prodded by pitchforks.
stabbed with daggers
behind my back.
the talking was loud.
their hateful eyes were louder.
then i woke up
realizing the thin line
between dreams
and consciousness.
it almost made no difference.
ive seen those eyes somewhere.
of those who want to
burn me at the stakes ;
stab me with daggers
behind my back.
always been wanting to
darling, I am a witch
you could not burn.
Jamie King Sep 2020
On a path where arteries will meet scythe
suffocating, with silhouettes deceased in defeat.

A spark struggles to illuminate before the feet.
cloaked in fading shadows, conversing with grief.

Handed daggers with orders to stab and flee
however pierced the allies still search for peace.

Climbing an empty ladder, dreams clustered beyond reach
with worn bones aiming to reach beyond the known peek.
Vish Sep 2019
these eyes have cried an ocean of tears,
this heart has endured hurt in the form of daggers and swords,
this mouth has kept an eternity of words unspoken,
these ears have heard things that can’t be forgotten,
this body has fought wars that are yet to be won
but this phoenix will rise from the ashes,
unshaken and unbroken,
like the heat of the sun that’s ever burning,
warming everything it touches,
the phoenix will be unrestrained,
and effervescent
whatever you’re going through, you will get through it
i love you
Beatrice Knox Jul 2019
Open my mouth
The words come out
But they don’t feel soft
They feel like daggers
Newly sharpened daggers
Flying towards the ones I care about
They all back away from me
From the weapon of destruction
Who can’t be controlled
Taking hits from everyone else
Building it all up inside
Then shooting it out
But I must keep it in
To protect those I love
But the daggers bounce around in my stomach
Making me die inside
Petrichor Dec 2018
I hope this is not cheesy

for how do i remind
your beauty that hides within.
for how do i describe
and how do i begin.

Your eyes drink my skin
like the first cup of coffee.
it is true
there are daggers in your smile.

Your voice reminds me of a harmonic beat
and its mere thought lulls me to sleep.

The universe melts into your eyes,
as the moon asks
to borrow your light.

You are the air in my lungs
and the words i speak.

Falling for you was not falling at all. It was like walking into a house and suddenly realizing you're home.
They say don't make homes out of humans.
tobi Sep 2018
having dreams in your mind
leave you with daggers in your heart
heart of gold but not titanium
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