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tobi Feb 2021
i know you’re going through a lot right now
and i know you think life isn’t worth it right now
but think of all the today’s
you thought you wouldn’t get through
and all the hard times
you thought would **** you

but please just keep going

you don’t know how long the future will last
unless you make it through this moment
that you feel like will last forever
until one day it’s in the past

then you’ll look back and say
“hey that wasn’t so bad anyway”
you have to just
i just want to be able to convince myself as well as i do others that i’m okay
tobi Aug 2020
when i look at you now
now it’s different than i did then
we said we were in love
well then what am i in now?

i know i’ll never be able
to change your mind
but can you just believe when i say
i’m not myself when you’re mine

what i’m saying here is
your opinion of me when we’re together
is greatly different when we’re apart
should’ve known that from the start

now these days when i see you
it’s never rent free in my brain anymore
and although my heart still feels sore
it’s not from you ******* with it anymore
healing process has made a lot of progress
tobi Jun 2020
she was so good as holding others together
the world would probably crumble at their feet
should she not continue
gluing together their pieces
as though it’s her job
strong for others never herself
tobi Mar 2020
i’m not the bad guy you make me out to be
that’s just what you like to believe
something in you brings out the worst in me
sadly that’s the only part of me you’ll be able to see
so next time you’re pointing fingers
look at your soul in a mirror
because there i hope you’ll discover
how it felt to be your lover
not my best work
tobi Mar 2020
there’s been too many times before this

where i say i’ll change and you adore it

but now i’m just trying to not think about you anymore

while still hoping you’ll walk through the door
and now we’re nothing anymore
tobi Mar 2020
i know it’s my fault you left
but i can’t help but feel upset at myself
that i made it so easy
for you to leave
please just talk to me
tobi Mar 2020
i want to believe this is just a nightmare yet i
please don’t leave me
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