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Beatrice Knox Jul 13
I trusted you!
A whole year I put my faith in you!
I told you my fears
I told you my dreams
I showed you my days
You opened yourself to me
You made me laugh
You saw my tears
You helped me through my fears
A whole year...
But now, it’s over
I don’t trust you anymore
You tore me apart
You made me feel small
You say you care
The signs are there
But you broke me
You crushed my heart
Reached in my body
After complementing it
You tore my heart to shreds
Tore my brain
I trusted you
And now....
Open my mouth
The words come out
But they don’t feel soft
They feel like daggers
Newly sharpened daggers
Flying towards the ones I care about
They all back away from me
From the weapon of destruction
Who can’t be controlled
Taking hits from everyone else
Building it all up inside
Then shooting it out
But I must keep it in
To protect those I love
But the daggers bounce around in my stomach
Making me die inside
Beatrice Knox Apr 25
Takes over my hair
Takes over my nails
Takes over my clothes
Takes over my swim suits
Lives in my blood
Lives in my lips
Stays in my kisses
Lives in my heart
Made of me
Shows my beauty
Brings **** back
Beatrice Knox Apr 23
Many colors
Earth has many colors
Earth has many mysteries
Earth has many creatures
Earth has been alive for millions of years
But what's to say Earth won't die
Earths main enemies you ask?
The only creatures that can talk
The only creatures that can drive
The only creatures that create and destroy
Humans need to stop
Humans need to change
Humans need to learn to grow
A flower would be the perfect teacher
An animal would be the perfect master to the student
I would know
I ride horses
And even though I have a human instructor
My ultimate teacher is my four legged go kart
Beatrice Knox Apr 16
My friend
That’s what you are
You’re in pain
So am I
I understand
I don’t understand your pain
But I can feel it
Can you feel mine?
It pains me
The pain that your so far away
Only way to see you these days
Is by your fake happy face online
It’s all fake
I know it
And I want you to reveal to me
What’s wrong
Because you’re my friend
My best friend
Beatrice Knox Mar 25
Hello again
How are you?
Thanks for meeting me again
It feels like old times
Thanks for inviting me back into your life
Thanks for showing me your new self
I'm glad I was able to show you mine
I'm glad we were able to laugh like old times
When it was just you making fun of me
When it was me sending sarcasm your way
When we pushed all the bad demons away
To be dumb and young together
Before we diverge into the big bad world
Beatrice Knox Mar 25
You were in a different world for a long time
You were in a different life for a long time
You still are
You always will be
But yet you came back
You reached for my hand
You reached for my mind again
Wanting to see my thoughts
To find any way to fix my bad cracks
To let me fix yours
We talked
And talked, talked, and talked
Smiled, made me laugh
Called me cute names
Made me feel special again
Turned my tears into laughs
But suddenly you disappear
You go back to your own world
Leaving me on my own
When I needed you the most
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