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Vish Sep 2019
these eyes have cried an ocean of tears,
this heart has endured hurt in the form of daggers and swords,
this mouth has kept an eternity of words unspoken,
these ears have heard things that can’t be forgotten,
this body has fought wars that are yet to be won
but this phoenix will rise from the ashes,
unshaken and unbroken,
like the heat of the sun that’s ever burning,
warming everything it touches,
the phoenix will be unrestrained,
and effervescent
whatever you’re going through, you will get through it
i love you
Vish Sep 2019
i was a ray of sunshine in your life but you chose to board up your windows
was my light too bright for you?
did you get burned?
the shadows lurking in the dark aren’t half as nice as i am but i suppose birds of a feather flock together
Vish Sep 2019
‪deleted you from my phone and my life‬
‪but still can’t delete you from my heart and my mind‬
i miss you but i don’t want you back
Vish Jul 2019
To my sweetest bae,
Our love shines brighter than the sun’s ray,
Never a dull moment when your message comes my way,
Because you’re on my mind every night and day

You’re my sunshine in the rain,
A fit of laughter when I’m in pain,
A shot of oxytocin in my brain,
Something from which I cannot refrain

I see you in my dream,
Where happiness is flowing in a stream,
And luminous light shines through a beam,
You and I,
We make a great team

I love you more than you know,
Like flowers blooming in the snow,
Together we help each other grow,
Without you where do I even go?

My darkest days have turned into sand,
With you holding my hand,
Our journey may twist and bend,
But I promise I’ll be with you till the end
I love you
Vish Jan 2019
i could be in love with you
if you were down for it
i’m not in love with you
not even close
but i could be
if you gave me the chance
Vish Dec 2018
You know my name but not my story

You see my face but not my soul

You feel my skin but not my scars

You hear my voice but not my pleas

You only want the untainted parts of me.

But my dear,
haven’t you heard ?

The moon only glows so bright because she lives in the dark
Vish Dec 2018
You shouldn’t have come if leaving was all you had in mind
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