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Crushing Love May 2015

Charmanders are Red, Squirtles are blue
If you were a Pokemon I'd choose you.
Your smile is stronger then a Hyper-beam.
Like Jessie and James  we'd make the perfect

I'll stay by your side like  Pikachu and Ash,
And I'll love you more then a level 80 Rapidash.
You're more legendary then a Zapados,
Entei, or Mew.

But out of all 450, I choose you.

Just something cute and fun!
Brianna  Aug 2014
Cheesy rhymes
Brianna Aug 2014

I want to be your sunset eyes, those blue skies, you're perfect starry night.
I want to be the shore kissed by the sea, I want to have everything causally, I want you and me.
I want to be the waves when they dance alone, the midnight tone, I want to be your back bone.
I want to be your perfect scent, your missed rent, those days you feel you need to repent.
I want you to listen to these cheesy rhymes, feeding me these sweet lines, be together all the time.
I want to be your dark brown hair, the place back when we didn't care, the memories only we share.

I want you in all the ways I can say.
I'll want you forever and always each and every day.

WistfulHope Jan 2015

Goodnight, Bug                                  
                                   Sweet dreams, Bee
Have all my love                                  
                                   And dream for me

Based off of a thing that happened c:
LostDreame  Sep 2014
LostDreame Sep 2014

You make me jealous
I make you jealous
But together you and I
Can make the world jealous

I hate jealousy
The Lonely Bard Jun 2014

Whenevel I clied hungly,
Chhe would give me milk.
Whenevel I do not dlink it,
Chhe will tly that I dlink it.
Whenevel I am chho angly,
Chhe will tly that I dlunk it.
Whenevel chhe loshesh hope,
Chhe will look at my papa.
My daddy will only shmile,
Lift shweetly in hiz armsh.

They would then shuksheed,
Togethel they enteltain me.
They dichhtract & feed me,
Milk I like not soo very hot.
Twichhe they tly & I reject,
They sing to some rhymsh.
Mom then poursh two dlops,
On back of hel hand chhe tlies.

'Tsch! It's hot,' chhe ekchclaims,
I let out a shmall shlieky laugh.
Daddy lent her a helping hand,
He blung a khup of cold water.
Finally they togethel feed me,
Calefully & lovingly they do it.
Whenever I remember my lisp,
I am so happy & smile broadly.

In India, the tiny tots often have a cute lisp for many sounds like 'S' as 'Sh', or 'Sh' as 'Chh' or 'R' as 'L', and trust me it sounds so cute whenever their lisp is more prominent than what they actually have to speak. I used to lisp in my childhood. This poem is based on that memory.

My HP Poem #640
©Atul Kaushal
Ashley Somebody  Apr 2014
Ashley Somebody Apr 2014

It was just perfect
And then you laughed at her joke
It was beautiful.

The one time I argue back,
Anytime I speak my mind,
Every time I take a stand,
It's just the darndest, cutest thing.

The one time I'm feeling mad,
Anytime I scowl or smirk,
Every time I've had enough,
It's just too damn adorable.

The one time I back away,
Anytime I shrink with fear,
Every time I am afraid,
It's just because I'm dadgum cute.

Let's be fair; what can you do?
Listen? Psht! Respect me? Ha!
How could that be possible
When I'm just so adorable?

One of the most condesceding attitudes is the "You're too cute" one. I'm just as human as you are.
Annie Helbrew Aug 2015

Puppies and puddles
Licks and hugs
Soft and lovable
Just look at their mugs
A smile on their face
a twinkle in their eye
they're just so sweet
no need to ask why.
Little wet kisses
soft gentle nuzzles
not very complicated
like crossword puzzles.
They arrive with love
and joy in their heart
just wanna share
and not be apart.

I didn't fall for him
I simply tripped

Abhishek Singh Jul 2015

Do I need to tell you?
How cute, how cute you are
May be No, May be Yes
But I bet it’s hard to express
Not just looks, not just actions
Even your presence has all the attractions

Do I need to tell you?
How cute, how cute you are
May be no, May be Yes
But I bet even the words will fall less
Not just the world, not just the word
You even mute the singing bird

Do I need to tell you?
How cute, how cute you are
May be no, May be Yes
But I bet all the cuties you suppress
Not just a symbol, not just a definition
You are an angel beyond imagination

Do I need to tell you?
How cute, how cute you are
May be no, May be Yes
But to be true it’s not to impress
Not just my heart, not just my brain
Even my soul says it again and again

Carmen  Mar 2015
Carmen Mar 2015

And when I pressed my back up against your chest
I could feel you heart beating
And when you pressed light kisses on my neck
I could feel the shiver down my spine
And when out mouth met
I could feel the fireworks in my belly
But when you held me
Without even saying a word
I fell in love.

Sooooo this is kind a old butttttt I like it aha. Going to upload a lot more later. I am new to this (website) so is there any good advise ? Have a lovely day xx
Rajhen Ramoutar  Jan 2015
Rajhen Ramoutar Jan 2015

Her brown eyes so clear
It looked like a little teddybear
So sweet and harmless
It would light up the darkness
Look in her unique eyes
And you'll see she's very wise
Her straight or curly hair
Has got me breathing for air
Smart and cute
The type that boys will pursuit

Skypath  Sep 2014
Skypath Sep 2014

It's elementary, my dear
This bittersweet affection that I feel
From one boy to the next I grew
Ladder rungs of broken hearts

First grade
Blonde hair and disarming smile
Recess games and hallway passes
A note in a diary and minutes spent giggling
Never talking, always watching

Fourth grade
Glasses frame of brown hair and thin shoulders
Curious enigma to come and go
A bit more literate diary entrees
One year of crossed legs and shy smiles

Fifth grade
A growing tree of lean muscle and blue eyes
Short brown hair and a charming grin
Side by side on a rubber track
Gray skies and sweet goodbyes
A bright dance floor and a shattered heart
Miserable nights and heartbreak songs

Seventh grade
Long dark hair and chocolate eyes
This spring has brought a strange surprise
Wiry muscle and soft cheeks
Once admired, then adored
An ongoing thrum of sweet affection
Sidelong glances and gym class stares
New discoveries and quiet realization
Girl can love girl

Tenth grade
A firecracker packed with mysterious boys
And an enigmatic girl
A bomb in the summer sky
Spelling new names, new faces, new hearts
A whisper of 'I love you' at long last returned
Names carved on my ribs and pulling my lips
A tightened chest never felt so good

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