Miranda Renea  Apr 2012
Miranda Renea Apr 2012

Break my heart into tiny pieces,
Throw them into waves.
Say goodbye until another day,
'Cause I'm swimmin' away.
Smile here to stay.

Now I'm gonna be the first to learn how to fly,
And ride these clouds like ships.
The sky my newfound ocean,
The winds a tide
To navigate me from side to side.

How far can I really soar?
Imagination, carry me afar. Journey me afar.

Now stars like sitting in the sky,
Just sippin' their tea,
Laughing at all our attempts to make sense
Of everything that we see.
Silly astronomy.

So I'll sit on the milky way,
Just sippin' my tea.
Laughing at all of your attempts,
To just break free.
Silly gravity.

How far can I really soar?
Imagination carry me afar, journey me afar.

I turned this into a song, and play it on my guitar and sing it. c:

Cute is what it's like
When he reaches for your hand
Cute is when his favorite music
Is from your favorite band
Cute like the way
He hugs you from behind
Twirls you around
As the sun shines bright
Cute is how close
Your hearts have become
So perfectly complete as if
They were meant to be one.

---  Jul 2013
--- Jul 2013

Why do you
Tell me to shut up
When I tell you
That you're cute?
Because I mean...
It makes you get
Even cuter.

Jenay Jarvis  Oct 2012
Jenay Jarvis Oct 2012

I can’t say I know,
The bed where you lay,
The shape, color, and patterns,
That makes up your day,

I can only say now,
In the space where you lie,
Is a small space,
For me to reside.

Marian  Mar 2013
Marian Mar 2013

Little noses sniffing
Eagerly waiting for their meal
Little meows are heard
And paws tap me and my Mom's skirts


Haha thinking about how our cats cry and beg us for their meals!!
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