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Mitch Prax Jun 12
You may not
know this,
but your tears water my heart.
And from your tears,
love blooms
in this garden
of our tomorrow.
anonymous Jun 11
she was certain that,
the day he screamed her
she knew she had him to herself,
her conscious was
from none to a
as she felt feelings
that she'd only felt in dreams.

- anonymous
Mitch Prax Jun 11
It's cold out
I hope you still have
a vacancy left
in your heart
for this weary
anonymous Jun 10
do you remember the day we played in the snow,
how the cold gave us goosebumps, you know
that day when we made snow angels and sung songs
about how we can't live alone even when we go wrong,

do you remember the day we played in the snow,
when your hat fell over your eyes and i pushed it up so
you could see the white blanket of soft ice that covered
the field we used to go to and sunbathe unbothered,

do you remember the day we played in the snow,
when we went to buy fresh hot chocolate although
we both preferred coffee, but coffee felt boring,
so the marshmallows melted as we poured it,

do you remember the day we played in the snow,
how the warmth of each other was captured in a photo,
and we saved it in each of our minds as the cold faded,
and our hearts turned to the way of the shaded.

- anonymous
Afreen Jun 9
Your presence,
gets me high on you,
as you drive out me blues.
The more I try to
abstain, I can't.
The very sight of you,
makes me want you more,.
The rush in my body
matches none when
you're there.
My morning tonic,
the breeze during rain,
the sunset enhancer
and finally the one
who watches me fall asleep.
You've become a constant
in my life, without which
I'd die.
And that's for you,
Chai be like, I'll be with you from dusk to dawn. That's it I'm addicted!
Nobody Jun 6
There's always been a little blue bird hovering over me, whenever I looked up to the sky. One rainy morning the little blue bird flew directly to me, as I stood looking out my open window. I was crying along to the sound of the pouring rain. Then the bird landed on my window sill and looked me right in my eye, sitting as still as could be. We stared at each other for a moment. Then the bird started singing, it was trying to talk to me through its song. So I asked the little blue bird "what are you trying to say"? Of course the bird only continued to sing its song, so I listened. I knew I must listen. I listened to its song and the sound from the rain, and tried to sit in peace. I reached out to touch my little blue friend, but he flew away. He always comes back now, but only to sing to me in the rain. I know I'll always see my friend again, when he flies back to sing to me.
I got myself the cutest girl
It's been an amazing couple weeks
I think I got myself a girlfriend
With the cutest peachy cheeks
A poem every day
Raven Mc Chim May 30
You are a flower
Blossoms every hour
You are as bright as a diamond
You are the most cute-er
Like the jewel forever
I saw you in twilight
Which made my eyes so bright
You are so bonafide
With so much right
On every bright Day And Night
My very first poem. Wrote back nearly 2 years before
Mitch Prax May 27
Just as the
dawning sun
kisses the sleeping Earth,
your smile brings
warmth and light
to my
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