It doesn't requires interactions
to be face to face
or over phone
but just a matter of heart throbbing
from one end to the other
makes that meet-cute happen!

It requires only heart to meet from end to end
making it so special for real!
Rachel Ace Apr 24

You look like a light-colored satin
Stars f
              l on your caramel hair
Your laureate crown is permanent

You walk fast as a local feline
L'Empereur far from his throne
You look disoriented
You look tired

It's nightfalling
Resolution parts
The moon shines
Gold minds

Lace L'étoile
Jeune ace
Shiny sleeves

I go through a mirror
You're sitting in there
I hide carefully
Not to be alert
I have found myself again
Dreaming of you inside
The reflection of your mirror

At night my opal
                           sleeves are made of satin.

   - Codelandandmore// 6:00 PM ©

Modern poem
Heartmouth Apr 23

Remember how I was talking about how my dad makes up songs when he does stuff?
So does my step-mom.
When she was pregnant with my little brother,
she was always bored and complaining that she couldn't hike to the fishing lake we go to. (We call it the Secret Spot).
So, dad and I decided that we would drive to the manmade lake down the block from our house.
Mandie got so happy that she busted out singing
"I'm... Going fishing!!!
"Fishing is where I'm going!!!"
She was so happy about it and she sang it the whole two minutes it took to drive to the lake.
Now every time we go fishing, we sing it.

My family is extremely weird and unique.

I've found myself a chick
The cutest little chick
The perfect brown
With feathers all around
She makes peeping sounds!

Ophelia, is her name
Cheeping, is her game
My chick of love and fluffiness
Makes me grin in happiness!

Rosey Apr 20

I didn't mean to brush against her hand
So delicately traced by accident
So briefly were our molecules bonded
So quickly was it meant to be over
She laced her atoms into mine
And decided to walk the same direction

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eleven Apr 19

The stars would be jealous of you, Charlie
You shone brighter than all of them combined
To me, your kisses tasted of honey
You stole my heart, Charlie, you robbed me blind

Each time you smiled, I fell deeper for you
I drowned in those deep pools you called your eyes
You were consuming me without a clue
I let you, Charlie, but I don't know why

Amidst the hurricane of loving you
I told myself that you would soon be gone
Your heart will find itself with someone new
I'm going to lose you, my only one

The stars were so jealous of you, Charlie
So much that they took you away from me

i'm taking a writing workshop and they asked us to make sonnets sooooo here ya go
A Santos Apr 17

i love your constellations.
i wish i was an astronaut.

blue Apr 11

i want to slow dance the spring away.
i fall in love with you everyday,
and if we don't have forever
that doesn't really matter.
the moments we've had together
are enough to set fire
to my hesitation
and ignite new intentions
this is worth all of the heartache
that i may later have to face.
and all of these days
have blown my mind
because i never thought there'd be a time
when i'd love again.
you're more than a boyfriend,
you're a best friend.
and in this splendor
your love is tender
i couldn't do better
than you if i tried.
when i'm with you i'm alive.
i'm glowing,
i'm holding
onto you
because i've never loved like this
i wish,
i could say i did
at one point
but i've never ever loved this way.
which is to say,
you make me feel like the world around me
could crash and burn
but i wouldn't care,
because you put out the flames in my head,
i could say it's not fair,
how i want to compare
you to every season
love you beyond reason
kiss you until i'm breathing
the air you're needing.
but thank you
for loving me,
when no one bothered
to give me a chance
and as we dance away the spring,
your smile's still my favorite thing.
baby, who needs redbull,
when you've already given me wings?

two months x
blue Apr 9

i need you in order to water the baby’s breath
that grows inside of me,
trapped in my ribcage and collarbones.
i’m spilling over with harsh subliminal messages,
subconscious limits that make my skies
but you are every colour,
a prism met with light reflecting the rainbow,
and somehow not only am i yours
but you are mine as well.
insistent, telling myself
that you are worth it-
all of the bitter heartache that will come.
nothing lasts forever.
miniature lifetimes,
taking over the whole.
you’re my little secret
but the world should
know you're mine.

i love him.

Let's look at cute love,
Now we're old, after wedding doves,
Observe teens' first love,
So cute, holding hands,
Endless chats, phones their bands,
So cute, such melodramas,
Boy meets girl, disliked by mama,
Are they star-crossed lovers?
Shall  they have wedding doves?
Isn't it so cute, love?

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