Eleanor Aug 21

my name is Paper.
How are you?
Good, I'd like to tell you a little something.

I am in love with a pen.
Her name is Bic.
She draws on me with silky smooth ink.
She never scratches on me,
and sometimes furnishes me with a big tick.

Her lid is blue like her ink,
as blue as an indigo felt tip.
She has a metallic ball point,
which glides smoothly over me.
Quills who? They have to dip.

You know,
the author of this poem is using Bic right now.
I wish it didn't have to end,
oh no, the dreaded.

I actually wrote this with an ink joy but you know oh well.
all for you Aug 18

i am but a blip
on this timeline
but you make me feel
like i'm the entire thing

Jas Aug 8

The melanin which coats my skin so effortlessly
Propagates poetry, completely faultless
I am empowered and feared
Like an electric fence surrounding the perimeter
Of a jail house or asylum
Both on either side recognize me
As something without entry or exit

"You're cute for a black girl"
Is what they say to me -
Though my knees fastened in position
Standing tall
I am supposed to bend and bow,
To accept this "compliment" and condemn
Others before and after me
To accept is to limit the scope of beauty
Because I am
The exception;
I'm "cute for a black girl." 

To all of the people
With an outlook on life
That only encompasses the width and length of a rabbit hole
I salute your stupidity and arrogance
Your firm belief in marching behind those
Truly one of a kind, 100% seen faux compliments
That I am not supposed to be offended by -

When we all know every offensive statement begin with "no offense,"

How about
You're cute for an asshole
You're absolutely sexy for an imbecile -
Who needs abs when you've got this?

For anyone who has received this golden compliment of the highest order, do not let the giver slide away so easily. "Compliments such as these need to be burned and burried.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 7

When the
    pretty pound
is not cute.
   Give me a quid!

What's gold?
    If it's not known
what is gold.

Perri Jul 31

My heart is so full
there's warmth crawling up my spine!
You're holding on tight;
it's truly sublime,
the heat starting to rise
as we lay intertwined.
At first so scared
but it's different this time.
You're grazing my chin
with words so gentle
and kisses so fine
yet so robust
your hands
and jawline;
a perfect design.
The days I lay cold,
dark and controlled,
I choose to resign.
For you, the calm lake,
and I, the fickle skyline;
opposing elements
that are perfectly aligned
but also a contrast
that is beyond the divine
for I am relieved
I get to call you mine.

I am starting to see the light.
Seema Jul 31

I am short, he is tall
I am tint, he is fair
He calls me his doll
And handles me with care

He loves me alot
I do to, the same way
He is cool, I am not
Cute couples, people say

Holding hands, walking
Joking, and teasing
Laying on beach, talking
His every word, pleasing

When asleep, he snores
I told him sometime back
Like how the cow moos
Without its pack

I blushed, when he said
I purr, in my sleep
Blanket over my head
He likes to see me sleep

We are adults, yet
It feels like we are teens
In the rain, playing till wet
He says, am his queen

He has a heart of gold
Never discriminated my physique
Together we are growing old
Each moment, fills with magic

Cute couples, together forever
Love in love we always stay
Never leave me ever,
My love, he would always say...


Near to fiction.
Carly Jul 28

He says, "you seem to talk to me easily."
With a look to the floor, she smiles,
"Yeah...I can't figure out why that is."
He reached for her hand and more than just their fingers intertwined.


I love love right now <3

You breathing next to me

Is the only love song

I will ever need

Did universe ask you to lie to me
by saying you don't love me
to give me another life lesson?

Breeze-Mist Jul 18

"One day, you'll grow up
And you'll make a lot of friends
Or maybe you won't
Maybe you'll just have a few tight buddies
But if anyone tries to change you
you don't need them
You're amazing the way you are"
I told her

She looked up at me
With large, doeful eyes
Nuzzled me and mooed as if to say
"I'm not sure what you just said
But I think I understood it"
As I rubbed her head and ears

At least I can give life advice to a Jersey heifer
Before my program ends and I go back home

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