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Naveen Malhotra Dec 2020
My spirit  present on the horizon
Receive love of an old origin
She arrived as a spirit guide
Few seconds and she materialised
She was an original beauty
Without make up
She was a cutie
I attempted to hug her
Lip kiss her
But in the air
For I was present as spirit
My body lay in a cozy bed
Tied by the lazy thread
It was a dream
That didn't materialize
Love you, love you
I call
Raven Mc Chim Jun 2020
I never met a person like you
But you stole a special place in my heart
We are to fortunate to have you because
you are the person who cares your
loved ones more than yourself
you are are so bona fide  and unique
you are ineluctable to anyone
I wish your friendship should continue for long time
Happy birthday to my cutie pie
AestheticAbi May 2020
You and me

Were meant to be

Because you’re the one piece of art

forever in my heart
You are beautiful
Inside and out
Äŧül Sep 2019
Oh my love, you are so youthful,
And you are so beautiful.

Oh my love, you are so exotic,
And you are so energetic.

Oh my love, you are so pretty,
And you are such a cutie.

Marrying you will do good,
Let me be finally blessed.
My HP Poem #1772
©Atul Kaushal
Butterfly Aug 2019
All I get is pain when your not home.

Baby come back
Butterfly Apr 2019
It's me
Her girlfriend
Iris Madden Feb 2017
our time together today
makes me want
to write pretty poems
and sweet nothings,
doodle initials inside hearts
all over classwork
and notebook covers,
but I can't focus
cannot concentrate enough,
For every time you laughed today
every time you made me smile
every time I caught you staring
every. single. time
you touched me
runs and replays
through my mind
and blocks out
my concentration on anything else
but you,
but us...
and suddenly I didn't have to make up scenarios in my head, because my memories of today's reality were so much better... (poem written 2.11.17)
I'm distracted by, your cute, cute face,
and the way your words, make my heart race,
when talking to you, I can't help but smile,
you make me happier, than I've been for a while
Your hair is perfect, beyond compare,
and you're so perfect, that it's just not fair,
you're my best friend, you're sweet and smart,
you're funny and kind, and a work of art.
K Balachandran Mar 2016
You are
I eagerly covet,
seems to be
in boiling point,
an unfailing
for me
a constant
element of
day and night,
But yes
I must not
forget this;
you aren't
an organic
sans side effects.
More of a
a kick ***
designer drug,
that adds an
extra sense
yet, without
a legitimate
name to call it.
Aren't you
a hallucinant, though
yet to be invented,
I am hopelessly
addicted to.
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