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Aaditya Sep 6
Know how it feels?
'tis impalpable, flows through I,
just like the clouds flow
thro' the blue sky.

Know how it seems?
'tis solid, visibly opaque,
just like the clouds above
in the blue sky's wake.
Know what it is?
'tis Love.
Aaditya Sep 3
Isn't it rather odd, that we
choose to notice
the less obvious things,
rather than what is beauty.

Clouds spread across
the vibrant blue sky,
hiding the Sun and shading the light,
feels dark as though it's a loss.

Seldom do we realise
the silver lining that shows up,
exquisitely collected together, but
only to the eyes of a wise.

Then there are those rocky roads,
creating hesitations in all of us,
"Walk on it? No way."
"Clearly, Danger, is what it bodes."

Seldom do we realise
the endurance they edify,
needs tries to understand, but
only to the eyes of the wise.

Hear ye, also the crashing waves,
treacherously beguiling,
taking away whatever they touch
instilling fear even in knaves.

Seldom do we realise
their nature indoctrinates
the lessons of fortitude, but
only to the eyes of the wise.

Isn't it rather odd, that we
choose not to notice,
the more obvious things,
which is what is beauty.
Aaditya Sep 2
Fret not
for the cloudy sky hides
the beauty of the Sun
as it doesn't like to be
the centre of attention.

Fret not
the sombre mornings
that don't lighten up the day
as they simply save you
from excess light.

Fret not
for great beginnings may
raise your expectations
while a dreary dawn defines
the true nature of life.
Aaditya Jul 25
More often than not,
I find myself getting lost
in the distant freedom.

Clear and colourful
yet extremely far
and seemingly unattainable.

Even if I am given the powers
to reach out
and hold on to it,  
I am stopped
by the bars
that lock me inside,
which do not
let me out
in the fresh air.

Skies call me,
the clouds approach me,
I can smell the breeze
but I can't fly.

When will I break free?
It matters not
as much as
"how" I would rather.
Aaditya Jul 22
Wanting everything else
That we never had,
We tend to lose everything
That we always had.
Life works in mysterious yet predictable ways, even if it may not be something we are fond of most times. It's hard to accept it rarely but we are told to do exactly that. And we do, accept things the way they occur and go with the flow; most logical decision.
What if we try to swim against the tide? Just push our limits to reach places people never expect us to?
We may be pushed back, unable to steer the direction as well.
It's better to give in, and try to manoeuvre ourselves as much as we can, than lose all control trying to be the hero.
Aaditya Jul 9
Stepping into your aura
little did I know
I will be,
engulfed completely.

You came into my life
like a feeble source of light,
but in time took it up a notch,
illuminating everything around.

Carrying that spark in you,
a mere proximity towards
my tinder-esque nature,
caught me on in your fire.

Burning bright, purely white,
I don't see anything but you.
Lost all senses, slowly slowly,
but I feel everything too.

I am sweating now, naturally;
but wonder why,
these flames
make me shiver too.

I feel blinded at times
by your bursting ambience;
the longest one that happened,
happened for 60 minutes.

I'll be honest, I am **** scared,
but I still love this feeling,
of danger amidst safety,
the beginning, of an adventure.
With you.
Aaditya Jul 8
The moment I address it,
I bridge the gap.
The moment I bridge the gap,
I am scared that it might collapse.
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