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Aaditya 8h
Everyday we see new people.
People walking around,
brushing past us.
We see them go.

Can't deny, at times a certain woman
in an amazing black dress
or one in a ***** outfit
catches more than just your attention.

One may say, somebody has got
a little crush on a stranger.
Seeing people together makes you
want to be with someone.

And then, you go home,
ready to sleep at night
playing a certain song
to help you sleep.

There she is,
in front of your eyes,
as always,
every time you close them,
she appears.

She never leaves your sight,
as she dwells there itself.
That face,
however far away, is crystal clear.
That face,
is all you ever need.

However long
you need to wait,
however hard
you need to work, to get her
and however far
she seems to be,
she will be yours, you'll see.

The face behind
"Wonderful Tonight",
I'll be waiting for you


I just

can't help


in love


Aaditya 1d
Let go of me,

                         will still be stuck to you.
You can let me go love,
it won't trouble us
I promise.
A lot of things shall
remain the same
from before,
only one thing would
Aaditya 3d
Whatever that exists here,
seemed to me as mediocrity
until you stood in front of me.

You reflect all sober elements
into the colours of spectrum
like a prismatic medium.

Shades of red, depicted love
The colour blue, warmth
Lilac, was definitely a charm.

*****, we associated yellow,
Purity was showed by green
And orange remained serene.

Slowly everything became gray,
The blackness taking over us,
White light turning to dust.

Where did you go, I need you
My life seems colorless now,
Happy am I? Tell me how!
to the colours of our life
Aaditya 7d
For whom will I buy
those precious little
gifts of trinkets
that I had always got
for you, all this time?
I will never stop doing that.
Aaditya 7d

Flows too fast
with you.

Flows too slow
without you.
But will it stop too?
  Mar 16 Aaditya
Prerna Padlikar
I miss the places I never been before.
I like the bands which haven't made yet.
I connect with the people I have never met.
I talk to people who are not there.
I can remember the incidents which never occurred.
I hear the noises which were never made.
l forgive people who never ask for apologies. I forgive them for the mistakes they never made.
I try to find the answers to the questions never asked.

I feel guilty about the mistakes I never did.
I fight for the wars which haven't started yet.
I yearn for the islands which haven't been discovered so far.
I worship idols who aren't perfect.
I follow the priest who doesn't preach.
I follow the preachings which haven't been taught yet.
I feel the emotions which haven't been named yet.

I miss the love I never had.
Kaukokaipuu: People of, say, Irish descent who have never actually been to the country of their ancestry may still experience an unexpected ache for it, as if they miss it — a strange, contradictory sort of feeling, as you can’t really miss someplace you’ve never been. But the Finnish recognize that the emotion exists, and they gave it a name: kaukokaipuu, a feeling of homesickness for a place you’ve never visited. It can also mean a kind of highly specified version of wanderlust, a “craving for a distant land” — dreaming from your desk about some far-off place

My poem doesn't necessarily depict the same emotion or may be none at all but this was the word I found to be closest to my poem. If you find the exact name for my emotions help me out and let me know, so that will become my word of the day. ;)
Aaditya Mar 16
Me onto
this wonder.
And I began my
exercise, but now
I feel so helpless as I
am stuck in the moment.
Walking and running to you,
but am never gonna reach you;
Yet I still continue to sweat it out...
...but I am exhausted now. I want to stop.
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