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George Krokos Nov 2020
These days there's so much emphasis
on social distancing and self isolation
it seems the authorities are taking a
hint from me with all of that regulation.
Though it's obvious to note we're told
to do it because of the corona virus;
well, it just so happens I've been doing
that for years, without all of the fuss.
But, whether we like to admit it or not
all people carry with them their own
type of contagious something or other
defining their life by which it's known.
A self explanatory poem about the current world situation. Written a few months ago in 2020.
Lawrence Hall Oct 2020
Lawrence Hall

                   Social Distancing is a Gilligan’s Island Re-run

Because the CV has cancelled new shows
And yet another Monday night football game
Life is a Gilligan’s Island re-run
Until for non-payment the service is stopped

For we are all on an island of isolation
Even if the Professor builds us a TV
Of palm leaves, cowrie shells, and Ginger’s pins
While Mary Anne crochets a mask for her navel

Maybe a ship will rescue us today
But will it take us back to where we were?
A poem is itself.
GirlScout Jul 2020
Green, long grass.
Fields tamed by stone walls
Fences twisted by stray twigs.
Breeze that brushes through
Cows' ears and lambs' wools
Strokes my hair as I stare
With glee knowing that we
Are joined by this same sensation.

Perhaps they avoid stepping on bluebells
And then regrettably flatten buttercups
like me.
Might they not step on the cracks
between stones,
As I do not step on cracks between drains?

We share the same fear as other
humans approach,
Ready to flee if they come too close.
For they could be the death of us
Or we the death of them.
Once this fearful distance is breached
What will happen then?
Avy Gaile Jun 2020
Remember when you used to be so close?
Your hands only reaching mine
but already touched my soul.
Now I couldn’t even breathe in your way.
When did the world become this cruel?

I miss the way you feel.
How you used to send chills down my spine.
How nothing else matters
whenever our bodies intertwine.

You’re just inches away.
But feel like a million miles apart.
How did we end up like this?
I want a restart.

Living without you, I guess I have to learn how.
Our hearts cannot be together anymore,
it’s my new normal now.
it ***** when your love language is physical touch
Bina Mukherjee Jun 2020
Enslaved and encaged for uncountable days and years,
They treated us like animals.
Those brutal hands tried to crush the mob to the vile dust
Lately though....we woke up.. from the slumber....
Then they couldn't stop the reawakened mob from seeking freedom.

The fresh air was ours again
The land was once again restored to build our own nests
We were free.

Yet invisible bug has encroached our land
Trying to test our patience
Yet again....we are enslaved
Yet again....our air is not safe to breathe

Can we gain our freedom back?

We can...
We can...
Yes....we can

Stand for yourself
Stand for your family
Stand for your country
This time our motherland may not require your blood.
Start the Social distancing movement and not the Non-cooperation Movement.
Ignite the Hand washing March rather putting your Hands Up
Unmask the foe by wearing a mask.

Our motherland will certainly wake up to a new morning
Where the air will be fresh to breathe,
Where the land will be free for the crowd to move,
Where we again meet and enjoy gatherings is humans
Who could
Who can
And who will always work night and day to fight out those cruel foreigners from our land!!

Bina Mukherjee
Mark Toney Jun 2020
Does wearing a mask make you ill?
Are you a social distancing hater?
Then imagine how you'll feel
Being put on a ventilator

© 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
6/23/2020 - Poetry form: Rhyme - "An ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure." ~Benjamin Franklin - © 2020 Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
Savio Fonseca Jun 2020
Darling........stay far away from Me,
for a few days More.
Until The Monster,
reduces it's victims Score.
We should not hold Hands,
in times like This.
No more Nights,
of Midnight Bliss.
The World is freaked out,
with the ****** Virus.
It hasn't spared Tom,  
****, Harry nor Cyrus.
It will be lingering for a While,
like Viruses usually Do.
Then leaving Us for Good,
when We discover a Vaccine or Two.
So hold on to your kisses,
until this Nightmare gets Over.
Then U can pass them to Me,
your sweet, sweet Lover.
Kanishka Jun 2020
As I got off the tube in London and
Climbed my way onto the ground I saw,
The increasingly tempestuous but melodious
rain collide with Thames like shiny little gems.
The aroma of sweetness abroad the air,
Led me to a small bakery on a secluded street,
And through the display window I saw you,
Sweeter than any pie, cupcake or pastry.
Come let's travel.
Belle May 2020
feeling lonely
less a part
my sanity left when this started
its so sad
because I'm sociable
its so sad
because my desires involve being with others
its so sad
because outside is a danger now
and how i thrive is going out and seeing people
going to public areas
talking at bars
socializing at restaurants
its so sad
because i don't know when this will end
quarantine has ****** me
and its so sad
please just end
Kyle Dal Santo May 2020
The second hand is louder than a subway train
Leaves a ringing in your ear,
Might as well be going backwards
At least then it wouldn’t feel like such a waste
Two more years thrown away, two more too many
It’s killing me
Another day, another bunch of *******
Duress? I’m in a constant state of it here
Every morning is a damage assessment
Every night, another hurricane, another cyclone of bad decisions
There’s a good chance I’ve fried some brain cells and memory matter
That I will never get back, no matter what
Once you lose the mind, nothing else matters
You’re trying to band aid a bleeding wrist
I cower in the corner, in a pool of my own bleeding
And you’re asking, me, for help?
If you think you’re bad at fighting your demons, remember most don’t even try :)
Me? I’ve got too many demons, I can’t fight yours too
I have enough addictions to combat; laziness,  nicotine, alcohol, ***…
As I list my favorite past times, a sudden horrible thought
Slices open my dark little reality…
Am I addicted to depression? Do I love misery more than happiness?
I like to surround myself with danger and doubt
Even my imaginary friends are back stabbers
Dear my future self, forgive me for my lack of health
So many nights so many times I tried to leave something behind
But hey, you would’ve done the same thing, you **** **** you
Forsaken what was right for what was easy
I’ve spent my time in the shadows,
I know how good the dark side feels
I promise you, the darkness is stronger than you
A sweet escape, temporary it may be
The poison becomes a cure of its own
I can’t pretend it doesn’t **** me anymore
I can’t focus on anything, except on how hard it is to focus
I’m literally sabotaging my own success haha
I haven’t reached my peak, but I’ve lost my prime
The night is against me, the daylight forgot me
I want to believe in a good, that it will prevail
With tears in my eyes and a smile on my face
I’d charge screaming into the darkness for that good
If only to pull you out of it,
You keep fighting your demons, I’ll keep fighting mine
And maybe we’ll meet somewhere in the middle, I hope
Break through the weekend walls that hold me back
I won’t go back that way, I swear, just give me another chance
I’ve learned my lesson, for the last time I promise
I ...can’t believe I’m saying this… am too old for this ****...
We’ll get through this, regardless of the storm
I don’t care if the windshield is *****, I can see past it
It’s brighter than you think.
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