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The flowers envied your every laughter
For thou art as vibrant as a city
When you smiled, I could hear the mouths’ murmur
And even Belle could not stand your beauty

Behind those miles of glasses were your eyes
Those eyes offered the gentle soul of thee
Can you still recall our dance? The pain sighs
Our memories still buzz like bees to me

Oh sun—so shiny, so shimmery—run
Bestow us the deafening peace I seek
For when the world swims beyond the ocean
Romeo’s love for Juliet would start to speak

You are the water that brought me to thirst
The moon knows that you’ll always be my first
Here's what I did following the Shakespearean sonnet rhyming scheme of abab-cdcd-efef-gg
AnxiousOcean Jul 5
The gray war drew blood--
Feeding the verdant pastures.
White cavalries roared--
Breaking a child's faith.

But not for me;
In fact, I relished the scenery.
For the every song of raindrops
Quenched my every teardrop.
AnxiousOcean Jun 29
Rinig mo man lamang ba ang bawat peklat sa iyong puso?
O wari'y tanaw mo ang mantsa ng luha sa bawat **** tawa?
Sabihin mo mang hindi, hindi mo maikukubli.
Eh sa rami ba naman ng pagkakataong ika'y nasawi.

Aakalain **** napaka-inosenteng porselana.
Ngunit lingid sa mata ng karamihan ang hapdi sa ngiti niya.
Nanawagan nga'y minsan, at siya'y nagulumihanan.

Viola nga'y umatras; sa kanya'y 'di makapagpatulog,
Iginiit pa ng gabi ang lamig na nahubog.
Zambales man o kung saan,
Ang araw ay iisa lang.
Ginhawa ma'y manalaytay sa bawat espada ng buhay,
Aahon, lulubog, minsa'y matatangay; datapwat sa loob ng tasa,
Raragasa sa baha ng problema, ang kaibigang pangalan ay "Rosa."
This is for my friend who is celebrating her 18th birthday today!
AnxiousOcean Jun 15
I tried to write a poem
for poetry's my friend
but even a nice poem
couldn't make this pain end

poetry could not help me
neither could I help myself
I was finding a way to end this pain
and then I found a bookshelf

I tried to read a story
for books' could have made me smile
but even a neat book
couldn't make me smile for a while

books weren't enough
those books on the shelf
the only way to end this pain
is to end myself
AnxiousOcean Jun 9
"I want to stay,"
I told myself.
I want to enjoy every bit of second,
every moment, every day,
every time I get to distract myself
with the happiness I feel.
But I shouldn't,
for I should not.

Perhaps staying
can be deadly sometimes.
No matter how much you wanted
to stay on the same boat,
on the same ground,
or the same memory
over and over again,
eventually, you will eave.
Because you'll need to leave.

Perhaps leaving
isn't that bad after all.
No matter how much
you wanted to hold on,
on the bond that took years to build,
on trusts that took seconds to break,
and even on promises that took forever to wait.
Eventually, you will let everything go,
for you need to let go.

A person, an emotion,
a feeling, a sensation
would somehow be enough
to prevent me from growing.
Because of that single reason,
a child continues to wonder.
But I realized that I shouldn't,
for the reason that I should not.

This time I free myself.
I shall wear thicker skin.
I shall heighten my walls even higher.
I shall make my heart a little bit colder.
Perhaps it's not bad at all.
Perhaps it is what I need after all.

I may stay on the same ground,
but with a different pair of shoes.
I may stay on the same boat,
but with a different direction.
I may stay on the same memory,
but with a different me.

Don't get me wrong,
I want to stay, I really do,
but I do need to grow.
let's vent things out
AnxiousOcean Jun 3
Sa isang patak,
Ito ay bubuhay;
Sa isang dagat,
Ito'y pumapatay.

Mamutawi man ang takot
Sa bawat pag-agos,
Mamumutawi naman ang saya
Sa bawat pagbuhos.

O kay gandang pagmasdan
Mula sa pampang.
Ngunit sa taglay nitong lalim,
Mananatiling mangmang.

Sa bawat pagbuhos ng ulan,
Sa pagbukas ng gripo,
Magbuhat man ng sakit o sustansya,
Mananatiling tubig ito.
****: Ikumpara ang iyong sarili sa isang bagay at gawin itong isang tula.
AnxiousOcean May 29
I am not very certain
if being alone makes one strong.
Because if it is,
then I'd rather be weak.
You've always wanted me to be strong,
to be better, to be cold, to be a stone;
yet all I've ever wanted is for you to stay.
Would you consider me weak?
I care not--
even Adam needed an Eve.
Maybe I am not afraid to be alone;
I'm just afraid that you'd leave.
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