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Steve Page Jun 2022
I read my favourite graphic novel and I see
I need more breath between the panels
The images come too quickly
They combine with the dialogue to overwhelm me
and my ability to process, to ingest
the action and our conversation

Can you afford me more breathing space,
more margin in my morning kitchen shuffle,
can you allow me the time,
maybe as much as the day after the night before
to properly process without the stress
of having to readily express a miserable conjecture
of what I’m feeling, what I'm missing

Then I can signpost where I'm heading
I can pause and recap, provide an opening to map
where my story is going
and then perhaps I can take us with me.
This started as a rift off an online workshop by comic book artists and finished at a poet's retreat.
Running on adrenaline
I think we should rest
Let's slow down a bit
I think it's for the best

We are rushing things
without thinking twice
Fearless but out of breath
please listen to my advice
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
Each day will blessings flow your way
From your sure and consistent pace
Like the story told of a speedy hare
And the tortoise who won the race

Your dreams need daily attention
Which draws them to your embrace
So trade your fitful stops and starts
For that steady, consistent pace

Yes, quick and powerful actions -
At times they may have their place
But more success is gained by far
From a stable consistent pace

So when you plan your daily life
Save some focused time and space
For the daily thoughts and actions
That keep your consistent pace
This is Prosperity Poem 106 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).
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I've been putting some classic (old) parables and some new parables on my Mom's website for her.  As I built the page about the tortoise and the hare, I thought how effective (and prosperous) we can be when we act with consistent pace.

We all have different personalities, and some lean toward a consistent pace naturally.  My Dad and I can easily take a huge project and work a bit a day on it for 100 days.  Some others in my family...  don't naturally do that.
However, there is magic and power in a consistent pace!
Caleb A Johnson Dec 2020
The clock on the wall is busted
I don't think I'll fix it
What causes the hours to fly?
Maybe our trespass to count it
The clock on the wall is slow
I don't think I'll speed it up
Why am I always so stressed?
It could be I am possessed
The clock on the wall has stopped
I don't think I'll start it
Why can't I not be still?
Perhaps that machinery is my ill
Is time an outdated concept?
Nolan Willett Sep 2020
You say you hate the human race
I say you have a lovely face
You think you’ll never reach the place
I think that you would miss the chase
So I unlace
And you embrace
And with the world we keep pace
‘Til the day we disappear
And leave without a trace
Bhill Sep 2020
just look at THAT lonely glass of wine
today, THAT glass was assigned to the most wonderful someone
THAT someone has not arrived, as of this moment
who is THAT someone
is it yourself, are you, your someone
is it someone you don't know
how long must you wait
time moves at the pace of time
find, or be, THAT someone

Brian Hill - 2020 # 244
Simon Jul 2020
Time is not as relevant as they say it is. (Tripping over their very senses in the very process that’s getting them…NOWHERE!) It could be, only if “space and time” both actually mattered. Which they entirely don’t when there’s something else that should be added to both space and time, whilst one or the others should be removed (becoming their own stated claim). Meaning space isn’t as relevant as they it is, either. Instead of saying space and time, you should actually be removing the “space” itself and putting the word “pace” in it’s (once thought “spatial” place). Now calling it both “pace and time” for ALL (in due time) too essentially bear! So, if both space a-and time are not relevant, then why does it seem like time doesn’t get the credit it deserves for being the more recognized characteristic of this discussion…? Because space goes in a category of it’s very own. That’s why! Something that need’s ONLY a good pace and time too filter it on through. Because pace is nothing more than the aptitude for something that needs a good time management either (ahead of time or beforehand) for time to not become as relevant as they say it is. Showing the truth behind the matter, altogether. Time being a thing that truly does “transcend” ALL states of matter! And ALL states of consciousness! Even going beyond what any state of consciousness could ever “assess” simply what the entire magnitude of the force of “time” itself truly is about? Nor can consciousness even define its own properties against time, instead (“with time”). When its very meanings aren’t always accountable when trying to always reason through something that essentially goes beyond yourself. For consciousness tries (as it must) to traverse every property of it’s very meaning in order to redefine over and over again. But essentially, doesn’t get anywhere. Its pace is foreboding a claim that is merely (not to be). Ordering a newer service too take its rightful place. Space on the other hand, can’t afford consciousnesses claim to help traverse ALL states, when consciousness is still a very limited piece of source material of its own former limited boundaries. Making time less relevant in this scenario. S-so space and time are out! But “pace” still is the “ticking time clock” that keeps on moving forward, even if consciousness isn’t exactly doing anything. (When it truly is…it’s just tripping over it’s very senses the same way people have said “time is relevant”.) It’s still the functioning and operable thing it’s always been. So, in order to simply traverse every property of its very meanings over and over again… Needing pace in order to hold on tightly, as both space and time is limiting their own resources each time that consciousness suspects something could be wrong. Space being in a completely different category of it’s very own needs to own the newer characteristic into being defined as both space and time. Taking time’s spot. While pace takes one half of the spot that space (was once and still currently is in a way) than for it too essentially be removed in order for it to be then (in due time) called simply “pace and time”. Marking space as the newer ownership as being both itself and time (simultaneously)! All at the same point in time. However, that doesn’t exactly mean time is anywhere now but undefined…. How all this essentially works is that when time is not relevant, space takes over ALL priorities (even time itself)! Then pace comes in because time is becoming more and more nonrelevant the more the truth is truly “perceived”, than for it to be normally seen, (as a result). Forcing time to reveal why it is not in fact, relevant. When (truthfully) it is entirely something else altogether. It’s entirely made to go beyond ALL states of matter and consciousness. Simply because where time truly flows from… Or “flows out from” (to be more accurate). Is something going beyond the normal universe (as we know it today), essentially! Some type of known space (I guess too essentially call it) that’s trying to take over the normal universe’s current representations. Something like space wanting to essentially own ALL! Abruptly becoming top dog for ALL staring representations (in the current normal universe) to surround themselves in awe around and around… Showing no further representations available, anymore. Just an empty abyss! Until there was nothing left, but true…empty space!
Space could very well be a non-realistic form of a past impression that says it’s merely the pale imitation of a simple illusion! Yet, a simple illusion that (still to this very day) could defy ALL comprehension towards the one’s who are tripping over their very senses saying things like “time is relevant”! When that get’s them only so far, before they start to eventually realize that something could be amiss….
Bhill Apr 2020
chaos has a silver lining
don't be afraid and quit your whining
we're all in this, at the very same time
we will get through this but it's a tough climb
wash your hands, don't touch your face
distant yourself and keep the pace
the bug won't win if we do what it takes
let's kick it's *** and put on it's brakes

Brian Hill - 2020 # 95
We can do this.
Poetic T Mar 2020
You said I was the only step,
       but you always took one


Never walking us forward,
   excuses, like I had to tie my laces,
         or my feet ache you walk on.

But I never looked back,
and you never moved forward.

We were a distance apart but I'd only
                  took one more step than

But one can equal more when its
not synchronized with your heart.

The next day, you had walked off,
  we weren't even walking in the same

I took of the shoes I wore when we walked,
                and now I'm bare foot.

But you know what I'm walking further without


My perception isn't clouded by your backward

I'm free to walk without the pleasure
           of having to look backwards..

Just walking onward  without pausing to see
                           who cares how far my footsteps

have wondered,.

I'm strolling at my own pace
                                  passing with no goodbyes.
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