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Carl D'Souza Jul 29
Is civility
a good-willed politeness
to other people?

Is the benefit of being civil
to a person I disagree with
that I maintain
my joy and happiness
and the other person’s joy and happiness?
Carl D'Souza Jul 21
Sharon posts a photo of her new baby
on social-media and
Nasty-Jim comments
“That’s an **** baby!”
Sharon feels shocked, insulted, appalled.
She hugs her baby protectively,
feeling hurt.

Sharon posts a photo of her new baby
on social-media and
Civil-Sheryl comments
“Congratulations on your beautiful baby!”
Sharon feels joyful and happy.
She hugs her baby warmly
kisses him on the head
and says “I love you little one”.
Ira Desmond Nov 2018
The downward momentum is clear to me now.
The engine has built up a full head of steam.
I’d try to stop it, if I knew how.

The fires of industry must burn on somehow;
they tend to burn brightest when fuel is extreme.
The downward momentum is clear to me now.

When currents are surging, we shouldn’t allow
the jingoist fringe to swim in the mainstream.
I’d try to stop them, if I knew how.

Civility means more than I can avow,
but poems can only allude to a theme:
The downward momentum is clear to me now.

Each click of a mouse that shouts holier than thou
is a cog in a treacherous clockmaker’s scheme.
I’d try to stop him, if I knew how.

We worshipped the circuit and forsook the plow
in search of a false technological dream.
Our downward momentum is clear to me now.
I’d try to stop us, if I knew how.
A true test of a man's character
Is to see if he'll bother to stick around
When you impose no copulation before marriage
Many will shut the door
To never look back
Civility is something we often
Forget to possess
Some never choose to have it
Pauper of Prose Aug 2018
She said with much respect
The memories of us were like Marie Antoinette
I imagine she smothered their screams
Before leading them to the Guillotine
Guiltless and why shouldn't she be
She wants change, revolutionary
So long live her new Nation State!
And no, know, it doesn’t bother me
I’ll simply change my foreign policy
Brendan Hicks May 2018
Deadly demons
Are the kindest creatures
But anger makes them monsters

The kindest creatures
Are the deadliest demons
But civillty makes them angels
Me my
Nancy here
we boisterous
and lawyer
jive Me
my Nancy
strange in
suit but
host innuendo
that court
make a
case point
with rhetoric
and bolster
decision in
Me my
Nancy favor.
as she
was dire
with heath
inside her
desire where
flattened scape
or aberrance
anywhere heathen
to her
debt and
foremost in
liability but
Lakshmi sheer
while glamour
laid deepest
cacophony in  
world today
in materialism
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