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Gabriel Herrera Sep 2020
I wonder how my ancestors feel
Knowing their escape from home
Would lead
To children ***** in cages

Unheard of conditions
Like their rabid dogs

But really puppies still needing their mothers milk

Who made those cages you call sanctuary
Who made those tinfoil sheets you call warmth
Who made those regulations?
Ripping the child from their parents grip
I've seen the ******* pictures
Those kids were strangling their mothers and fathers in order to not let go

There's no need for translation
This is universal
These children are treated like felons
With no warrant
No warning

Is this justice?
Does my so called president get off to this?

Is he not satisfied enough with his spray tan?

He takes it out on us?

I wake up in my bed
Every day I cant fathom
The nightmare those children wake up to
Alone with others like that look just like them.
Looking in the reflection their tears molded onto the shivering pavement

I cant even imagine

The thoughts that may race through their young and impressionable minds

Do they think they deserve it?
Do they think this is their fault?

If and when they do finally escape

How scarred will they be?

They already have a criminal record for being born

How will they survive in a society that imprisoned them before given an education

Before given a ******* a chance.
Gabriel Herrera Sep 2020
Do You remember when you were the thought that embraced me when I was scared

I'm not a coward but with you

I was


Not weak

Just safe enough to let go of my puffed chest and tightened biceps

I think back and I miss it like the first two baseballs in Chicken Little

For all the same reasons I miss childhood

In both ways I was secure
Taken care of

Reckless with decisions
My deception for healthy options
Was twisted in the twinkies tucked away in Zombieland

Nevertheless, I leaned on for support too much

I grew through all the pain
Pins and needles digging into my funny bones to laugh louder than the comedian in a dead crowd

And to no avail
I lay in dry blood covered in fresh scars
Poorly injected incisions
Equally infected decisions
Gabriel Herrera Aug 2020
My expectations
Present me
With a
Shared Sharp Shard
Of Glass

As rotten blood trickles down
Each spectacle

Overwhelming evidence
Seeps in each
Prickling crack

Blood wheeps
Floorboard creaks
It's the mailman
What a creep
Gabriel Herrera Aug 2020
First and foremost
I will smother your canvas in painted handprints
Dignified touch
Such risks
Blue blood
Sincere matrimony
A cost
That the poor will pay to see
They'll amuse it to be

Fine tasting toilet water

Line dancing on eggshells

Flat footed *******
We'll make this exhibit our beautiful disaster
Gabriel Herrera Aug 2020
Maybe I ate too much that night
Maybe I acted immature
Maybe I didn't consider you feelings
Maybe I loved you
Maybe I hate myself

That May be

Maybe I wanted that phone call to last one more minute
Maybe I didn't want you to be a lesson learned
Maybe I could lose a couple pounds
Maybe I could dress different
Maybe I should grow my hair out

That may be

Maybe I could've opened that car door
Maybe I fought the unwinnable
Maybe I cried too loud
Maybe I texted too fast
Maybe I believed in us

That may be

Maybe I am insane
Maybe I needed more time
Maybe I listened to the wrong people
Maybe I can make it to you
Maybe I can have one more chance

That may be

May I
Gabriel Herrera Jul 2020
You say you want the entire platter
But your appetite says it can only
Handle a sample
Let's see how much you can digest
Or is it too much to swallow?
You're hungry
But you're a fool
I get it
You don't wanna overeat
You want leftovers
So many options the next day
Yet, you just snack
What's up with that?
A concept I've been experiencing
People lead you on to believe they want the world from you
And when you've almost given it to them
They tell you it's too much
Gabriel Herrera Jul 2020
The moon tonight is crescent
The color is viridescent
The Earth watches the moon as it mimics
Watch out now moon
Don't grab a sponge and soak up our blue
Don't defy the laws of physics

Why steal the liquid
You're already blue
You're depressed like a squid
What's water to swim in gonna do
You're in solitary like an orphan kid
Nobody wants you

The blue consumed you moon
I'm sorry
The Sun awakens around noon
Greeted by billions
However, when you awaken
You have to implore those who doze
To not leave you so soon

The Earth uses you time after time
You're aware
But you come right back every night as if everything is fine
The Earth holds an annual fair
And you just step in line
Fairly, you only attend to commence a diversion
To steal the liquid

Why steal the liquid
You're already blue
You're depressed like a squid
What's water to swim in gonna do
You're in solitary like an orphan kid
Nobody wants you

Like an absent father
You're a bother
Unlike those who visit the moon dune beach
That's water you cannot steal even if you beseech
Listen here moon
Don't bother the mosquito that flies throughout the dune
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