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Impulse May 25
You put on the most extravagant show to lure me into your trap,
all of your troops focused on tearing me down.
I feel your resentment towards me over the fact that you are no longer my priority.
You seem to hold this anger so close to your heart that it has rotted.
You build me up and pretend to care, the chemistry undeniable,
but it is nothing but a glamorous charade put on to trick me
and hurt me with a force unknown to me.
Is this love?
Is this hate?
or is this
David Adeniyi Aug 2018
I am yet to know what makes me wonder!
blitheness in a fleeting view which takes hold
so clear I can see the glitz in her eyes
her facile gait dazzled my eyes!
But I watched on mesmerized
as she walked down the aisle
careful not to raise a huff...
Behind all of the glamour
Hidden by the glitz
Under all the spray on tans
And distracted by the ****

Lies a Vegas like no other
Not the one you wish to see
The other side of Vegas
Has a cost, it isn't free

A parade of homeless people
Far off strip are daily seen
Heading for a bed and meal
Away from where the grass is green

The locals all accept it
It's a darker part of town
Where there's fewer painted smiles
On this Las Vegas clown

Every other building
Is boarded up or framed
In steel bar covered windows
With no winners at the game

The goal of all the walkers
Is to get to the next day
They can't afford to leave here
They can't afford to stay

Each walkway full of hawkers
Selling water for a buck
Passed out drunks all sleeping
Hoping you will toss a buck

Some saints and many sinners
Came to find the life they lead
Is not the one they looked for
When they came here to fill their greed

Don't look behind the curtain
You will not like what you will find
The darker side of Vegas
Is not one that's in your mind

A parade of desperate people
Walk the streets each night alone
Past the empty buildings
Pass the bail bonds, guns and loans

To truly see Las Vegas
You have to venture off the strip
Into a world of darkness
And in truth, it's a short trip

Behind the glitz and glamour
Away from where the tourists go
Is the dark side of Las Vegas
That only few will ever know
Maria Cordero Nov 2014
We were promised
Glitz and glam
Love and security

Never the beating down
Of our own
Never the feeling
Of an unlovable soul

Waterfalls into the night
We all know something ain't right
The nonsensical millennial
Smokes into the night

The harder we work
The harder we fall to our dying depths
And you wonder why
We haven't slept yet

We were promised
And now we are *******

— The End —