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"I hope this isn't a repeat,
  I hope it's not all happening again,
  I hope we actually really learnt from our past mistakes,
  I hope we never get to regret this again."
We can only hope not to make some mistakes, but we learn from it all
Maybe I just want someone to look at me and tell me
"You're not a fool for always giving your all and loving people to the point that you empty yourself for them, you deserve the best and loving doesn't always have to hurt, I'm super proud of you for how far you have come, you're worth it and more than enough"
Just maybe that's all I wish to hear from the world.
In my feelings
I loved a person once,
Who showed me my own might,
I didn't know the strength I had,
Until they came into my sight.

They held me up when I was weak,
And made me whole again,
A precious love I thought I found,
That would never meet an end.

We walked the path of love and light,
Together we felt strong,
But as time went on,
It slowly went all wrong.

The love we shared turned toxic,
Our bond no longer pure,
Our troubles weighed us down,
We could not find a cure.

Our relationship broke us both,
It took its final stand,
The pain it caused, once so unknown,
Had now gotten out of hand.

But in that love, I found my strength,
That I could overcome any plight,
I learned that growth comes from within,
And that strength keeps me upright.

So I moved on from the toxic love,
And found peace in myself,
A strength that will never leave me,
A feeling I'll always be able to delve.
I'm not sure I moved on but I'm sure taking it one day at a time
The mad man that we all knew,
Was lost in his own mind,
A tortured soul, misunderstood,
His thoughts, too intricate to find.

But in his madness, he found joy,
A comfort in his pain,
The world outside seemed a blur,
But inside, he was sane.

In his mind, he saw magic,
And colours so alive,
A world that no one else could see,
A place where he could thrive.

He found solace in his delusions,
And strength in his darkest days,
His madness brought him clarity,
In a world of chaotic ways.

Through his madness, he found art,
And wrote his own symphony,
A beautiful piece of music,
That only he could see.

Though we called him a mad man,
He was truly just unique,
A soul that danced to his own beat,
And found joy in his mystique.

So let us not judge the mad man,
For he found his joy in insanity,
And though his mind was perceived as broken,
He truly lived his own reality.
Insanity sometimes is a beautiful place to be
I once loved a man,
Who made a bet on my worth,
A sick game he played,
To measure his own girth.

He wagered my virginity,
A trophy to be won,
His ego as fragile,
As glass in the sun.

I lost that bet,
And with it my innocence,
A love that was tainted,
By his selfish pretense.

He got me pregnant,
A life I never planned,
But he didn't want the burden,
And gave me an ultimatum to end.

I felt trapped and scared,
His words a heavy weight,
But I found the courage,
To choose my own fate.

I left him behind,
Never looking back,
An escape from the toxicity,
The strength I never knew I had.

My first love,
A painful lesson learned,
A reminder to never settle,
And that self-love is earned.
Love isn't always beautiful
Just how I knew it wasn't for long,
Was it the distant look in your eyes,
Or the bitterness in your voice,
Something felt off, something was definitely wrong

You grew distant,
When you were close, you felt far,
I could only wait for it to happen
And it did,

It happened
You said those words like it's meant nothing,
"Let's break up"
It still feels like a nightmare I can't get up from,
I've lost sleep,

Yes it happened
It hurts more than I thought he would, and there's no solace cos everything reminds me of him, I cry to sleep yet get no sleep, this hurts deeper than anyother
It was love at first sight,
Or maybe lust,
Who knows?

Was it obsession?
Or Love
Who knows?

The deep feeling of rejection lies within,
That feeling that tells you all isn't well,
You can't fight it,
You can only wait for it.
I couldn't put the rambled thoughts to words but I hope someone understands the heartbreak
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