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skyyy Sep 2023
What world do you speak of
That fetishizes the mother
And turns it’s back on the infant
Like a bee on a Carmellia in

What is inside of me that hasn’t
Already been emptied?
Do you every wonder,
Why, we mothers
Bake our children cookies
Only to wrap our heads in cloth?

And our husbands,
God rest their souls,
Will burn down the walls
To put out the fire
Cynthia Jan 2022
Have you ever drowned before...?
Have you ever been scared that you might?
Have you felt the water wash over your face,
and watched as mid-day fades to night?
That is what depression feels like.

It starts with swimming too far out
and suddenly realizing you're caught in the waves.
But before you even begin to drown,
the panic settles in as you picture your grave.

You cry out for help,
and struggle for one deep breath,
but the waves are strong
and the water is deaf.

You start to reminisce
about all the memories shared
with the ones you love so much.
You realize that you're scared.

At this point as you're drowning,
all hope seems to have disappeared.
Now you await death alone,
thinking your conscious is clear.

But instead of deadly waves,
It's just you and a gun.
You think this is where the drowning ends,
but it's only just begun.
jǫrð Jul 2021
Calling was the void
Wondrous, fearful, cavernous
From within her mind
The History: Today, preferably.
jǫrð Jul 2021
Found me out in the
Sycamore tree, swaying soft
On an evening breeze
The History: Pink and White Winters
Sarafæl Jul 2021
I don’t need you to solve my problems
Just listen to me while I cry
I don’t need you to give your life
Just love me when I want to die

Give me time to process
Give me time to breath
Promise that you’ll hold me
Promise you won’t leave

I just need some time to grieve for
The life I lost when I was young
I just need some time to grieve for
All the songs I’ve left unsung

When we wake up in the morning
As the sun peaks through the trees
The birds sing out their warning
As the wind rustles through the leaves

I can feel my heart a glowing
As you kiss me on the cheek
Like a tree I have been growing
Of my sorrows let me speak

I just need some time to grieve for
The life I lost when I was young
I just need some time to grieve for
All the songs I’ve left unsung

When the day is gone
And we’re done with the sun
Kiss me on my head
As I sink into the bed

As the sky’s turn red
And I’m wishing I was dead
You can rock me to sleep
With the nightmares I keep

And I’ll dream of songs unsung
And I’ll dream of songs unsung
SKM Mar 2021
What a lovely day for cherry pie
And so cherry pie, I’ll make
But first I must gather the cherries  
Then I’ll bake and bake and bake

I'll wear a dress of chiffon
Place a crown of pansies
In my hair
And go outside running, spinning,
Flinging my basket everywhere

I won't hit anyone because
There'll be no one around to hit
(Thank God!)
But sometimes it gets lonely
To have no one to pick with

I'm back at my cottage
Having picked cherries in the sun
But my heart somehow fell weary
Between now and earlier on

I no longer want to bake cherry pie
My energy is gone
But I do have it in me to put on
Tea with berries
From the nightshade plant
I've grown.

I let it brew, I let it sit,
And then I dump it out.
No nightshade tea, no cherry pie
Brain torn between
My hope and doubt
jǫrð Feb 2021
Hammered the last
Nail in my coffin
From the inside sticking out
For some unfortunate
Future soles' finding
The History: Have you ever trained your replacement?

Ideas grew old
Many times retold

Designs on the web
The spider knew its craft
The fly well caught
Adorned as centre piece

Reroofed and rebuilt
The origins restored
Lotus grew manifold

Memories of the old pond
Settled in the wet mud
Sliding over the new lotus leaves

Everlasting the ideation
The ideas old, retold
Sarafæl Oct 2020
We had good *** but that’s about it
We argue over text about stupid ****
You we’re insecure about your ****
I think it made you a *****
Your insecurities
Overwhelmed me
You’re demons overran you
Boy I just couldn’t stand you
I don’t wanna see you any more
You crashed my car then ****** a *****
I don’t blame her tho
This is all on you
I dont think you know
How the things you do
Affect those around  you
Like how you ****** that girl in my bed
Or how your lies were in everything you never said
How you criticized me for wanting to be dead
Why don’t you pull the trigger
put a bullet through my head
Would’ve been better than what you did
When you put that cigarette out on my shoulder
Looked you in the eyes
While I felt it smolder
Said it was fine
You didn’t commit a crime
Cause I wanted it so bad
Like you where always mad
at me for my loyalty
You could never trust
You were always tryina bust
All you had for me was lust
She said you couldn’t have me
That made you want me so much
Now and then I cringe
at how I responded to your touch
I was just tryina binge
Watch some anime
Then you took that away
You forced me to cuddle
You grabbed my hair
Turned me to a puddle
Comatose baby
Protective personalities
Malfunctioning realities
Could this really be happening
I’m watching from the ceiling again
That’s not my body this is all pretend

Oh Geo, I don’t miss you so
I’m so glad to see you go
Now I finally have control
TW: Abusive relationship, suicidal ideation, dissociation
Iska Sep 2020
There was a girl I loved
But that girl is no longer here.
She had a nerve of steel
Yet was bound by her fear.
Her hair was silken gold
Her eyes alight with passion

But then... she turned cold.
And form that moment on
The girl I loved was gone.

But then as it always will
The universe caught her soul
And breathed her back to life
And I met the girl
Who had been set free

And I realized
that while the girl I loved
Was now no longer here
This woman that she’s become
Is the one to be revered.

He soul is filled with stars
Her smile like the spring
Her nerve of steel remained
And her heart was still the same
You have grown in the best way possible
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