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Sara Kellie Jun 2018
In your sun I know I'll drown
So I rise when it goes down.
Add all my years, I am so old
yet I'll never feel your cold.
Your punctured skin are signs you're dead
but that to me means I am fed.
I'll lure you in with fake romance.
The lies I'll tell, you'll take a chance.
Allaying your fears, I'll promise you years.
Then, muffled screams that no one hears.
So what you see as silver and gold
in reality, a death so cold.

Poetry by Kaydee.
Romancing the undead.
Unlikely to get pregnant,
more disemboweled in your bed.
Ira Aug 2018
Surprise *****, what it be,
It’s ******* me!

That guy Alucard,
From Hellsing!

I see you’re some ******* vampire,
Hoping to finally get some demonic prower!

Also you killed a lot of people,
But ****’em,
You’re ******* lust for power is very offensive to me and my singular steeple.

You’re not a vampire,
Just some **** I call “Unpeople.”

Can’t regenerate your body,
Can’t sire demon Shouty's,
Bet you can’t even out run a ******* ******* Autti.

You’re just discount me!

So say hello to a gun of mine,
It’s quite a fantasy for people who want to remove others spine!

I call it the Casull 009,
And it has a friend called the Jackal,
Using both end up in a good ol’ time!

So ******* AND DIE!!
Ahhh... Alucard is always fun to write about. Love that crazy sociopathic *******
Ira Aug 2018
A nosferatu in a humans shell,
With the ability to bring up a true hell.

The harbinger of death and undying,
He is the rebellion of god's un-unifying.

He was the impaler,
Vlad the 3rd king of Wallachia,
Considered to be the first vampire,
The demon known as Dracula.

He massacred thousands,
From the common criminals,
To those who despise him.

He was the first vampire,
The first son of undying,
He was hailed as the devil,
A reincarnation of riving.

Even though he is the nosferatu,
He knows he can be beaten.
Yet only one man has manage to defeat him.

Back then, the demon king knew he had lost,
But instead of his true death, he was spared for a cost.
Now many know him as something other,
Different then what he originally was.

He’s no longer Vlad Tepes,
No longer Dracula,
He is no longer the impaler,
The one known as deaths mailer.

He is now known as Alucard.
And The Bird Of The Hermes is his name.
Yeah. Hellsing is cool so *******. I do what I want.
Ira Aug 2018
The bird of the Hermes is my name,
And I eat my own wing to keep myself tame.

Through hellfire and fury, your armies are dead,
Becoming slaves of my hellish dread.

Yet the blood flows deep into the ground,
And I, the vampire lord, will absorb it with glee and proud!

The bird of the Hermes is my name,
And I eat my own wing to keep myself tame.

The jackal and casual, instruments of my cleansing light
All burn with there masters own hellish spite.

And the monsters of  kin, vampire and demon,
All meet the same end of hellfire as I once did, all to be seen as heathens by god and real men.

For the bird of the Hermes is my name,
And I eat my own wing to keep myself tame!
HELLSING *****!! Best anime, Alucard is the best character from the Seinen scene. And just in general. So here's a poem that  is taken from his perspective
Doug Jul 2018
Hope /
Dangles from a string /
Off a cliff /
And it's dangerous /
So I kick the ****** off /
Die, die, die /
It won't
Mashed up
Sources: Dashboard Confessional: Vindicated
Jason Segal: Dracula's Lament
one knock, 2 knocks, 3 knocks, 4
hurry my love
please answer the door
time is short
it's almost four
and I must **** you one hour before
the Sun shows it's crest on the Eastern shore
you and your lover sleep sound I am sure
I suppose I must fiddle with the door lock before
I wake the neighbors by knocking once more

the light hits your face from the moon through the gape
in the curtains by the deck and the fire escape
your beauty is haunting and the shadow of shape
outlines your body while my blade on the nape
of his neck sinks deep as he drools and he snores,
then awakens in a start...
but the tape

on his mouth muffles the scream
which brings my attention back to you as your dream
turns quickly to one of intimate fright
from a walk in gold hillsides to a terror filled night

your eyes they are diamonds
when is added a tear
and the liquid on black reflect moon, reflect fear
a quiver of sadness for what I must do
you deceived me my love
my love this be true

I don't blame you this treachery
for I am not a great prize
and in time the heart hardens
and you catch other's eyes
no matter my dear, I will avoid such rage
your final breath be the final page
one day you would notice we are not the same pair
for you will grow older while I remain fare

tis' the life of Voivode
I must own all my lovers
I must gather their souls
leave their bones neath the covers
look at me darling
as I drink in your spite
isn't it clever
isn't it right
you will love me forever
and forever the night
will be ours for the taking
and the taking of life
shall sustain us
shall remain

Dracula's realm
oldie - minor revisions
I bedded down with Frankenstein
I bedded down with Dracula
I bedded down with the Wolf Man
I bedded down with the Mummy
I bedded down with the Creature
from the Black Lagoon

and the end results
were a carbon copy
of fundamental flaws

oozing with slime,
homemade monsters
that wrapped me up in sheets
and laid me to rest
upon the catacombs
of their one bedroom apartments

but after feeling ghastly,
my decision making
became quite hasty
and acted
as if
I were the
Invisible Man
neko-nae Aug 2017
utter exhaustion upon awaking,
soft patter of rain
falling gently against my window
as i toss and roll for comfort,
covers pulled up over head
to block out the indistinct gray
of a cloud-filled sky--

this indescribable need to run away,
to recluse like Dracula
in his cobwebbed castle, empty
& alone, to discover what I really need--

i like nature-filled silence,
frog croaks over the thrumming of steady showers
and delicate moth wings tasting the air,
landing on my skin to taste me too--

we can do this--

i can do this--

Being alone shouldn't be so scary, yeah?
Knit Personality Jun 2017
A woman awoke with a bite,
Two punctures that happened at night.
   She works with two Ronalds
   At night at McDonald's,
And flees from the dawn's early light.

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