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chi, hidden energy chiddenergy
Marta Aug 2018
Stillness and immobility
They look just the same
But one can be bliss the other is pain

The stillness arises when the tension is gone
When the tension grows immobility is born

The blessing of stillness it flies high and wide
The curse of tension pulls the mind closely tied

Stillness and immobility
They look just the same
But one can be bliss the other is pain

In the eye of a storm mighty worrier she waits
Her opponent exhausted from the forces he breaks

From the centre she moves in any direction
Her hands tied only by one thing - affection

Stillness and immobility
They look just the same
But one can be bliss the other is pain
I feel myself sinking
And rising again and again
My body and soul in absolute chi
I am an energy, all things flow within me
I feel the tension in my bones and warmth in my soul
I feel at ease
There is beauty within me you cannot see
There is natural peace and harmony within
We don't need no religion, we only need love and compassion
Sally A Bayan Feb 2017 the solemnity of that place
felt just right...
a noise-prone, peopled space,
.....a corner i, we...go back to,
in the cold, or hot of
every morning

like every meeting,
we look above,
pay our respect,
warm up,
then, a time of peace, flows in, when
a calming moment starts...
breathe... like a baby,
inhale, at the start,
exhale, when finishing,
let go of the rush
let go~~~through movements~~~
in waves so slow~~~~~relax~~~
set free your worries, even for a while
think of peaceful~~~green mountains~~~
look through a nearby stream~~~soothing~~~
with tiny ripples whirling~~~
clear, like a mirror,
showing true reflections~~~while
a gentle breeze passes~~~and touches~~~
to unchain~~~to refresh~~~to dry revive....

all purposes...will have been achieved
...........................before the hour ends...

then...comes the time to leave,
a time, for each one, face another day,
............another sunrise
             ........another sunset...


Copyright February 6, 2017
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan

...really feels good to be in sync with the group once again...
a refreshing respite... from fast paced activities...
good ole friends...relaxed conversations over coffee, slowing down, letting go, and all...
Jaanam Jaswani Jan 2016
ever since i could form a thought-
i knew of this phenomenon called god.
at least that's the name it was given.
but i could never think of god as a person,
a figure to look up to and
are ultimately afraid of.

god was never my best friend,
never something i devoted my life to
nor someone i gave anything up for.

god was the force that willed the plants to grow
upwards from the ground.

god was the recklessness that pushed me to forget my reasoning
and follow my gut.

god is how you can make sense of the past,
how your heartbeat and inhales and exhales
synchronise with the ocean
how you know what it means to feel electric.

god is what made my wrists stop bleeding at the right moment.
it made my father cry when he saw the flaw in his production.
god is what refused my angelhood
and allowed me to breathe
and live.

i still had time to grow.

so i prayed.
i surrendered to the magic of the universe.
i gave it my undying loyalty.
originally entitled 'pantheism'
evildum Apr 2015
Sinewed by the the ancient art
of tai chi, he forged the forces of  the universe
to lure a dreamer  into his lair. He stayed
silent as a spider; and with seamless
gliding of  limbs and fingers,
he entrapped  his prey like a moth
entangled in a cobweb. The sky
was bleeding then when she asked:  “How
can I walk  through the dusk?” “Just
follow me, I’m a pathfinder,” said
he. He whispered to her ear:  “Close
your eyes my child and trust your heart.”  
And to the tremor of  his voice he danced
her, deeper and deeper  into the night. Soon  
his lips dripped with her muffled sobs, the stench
of  his slobber drifted  into her pristine dream;
and he confessed:  “She came to me;
I’m innocent.”
One can turn One's eyes towards Darkness,
One can turn One's eyes towards Light,
but I've found that it's most healthy
setting an eye quite firmly on each
with One's mind focused right in between;
while living right now before it's too late.
Sam Shoyer Jan 2015
there is a quick energy here
the scooters flow without caution
traffic courses like a delta
changing, dynamic in every moment

a city in the wake of pain
constructing, making anew
the streets are wet and *****
yet every bush is neatly trimmed
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