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Raul M Murray Jan 2022
I can’t sing so I write lyrics to elevate chi
Words that make your brain neurons
Fire and enlighten your brain, firing like Chung li
Kicks that strikes an emotion
That flows like the synergy of the ocean
Jump in with or without your clothes on
Doesn’t matter, god made us naked
After the fishes eat, they swim for fun
We’re living, lucky, all under the sun
After all is said and done we are one
So let us past on our positive chi
David Smith Jan 2021
A quite audience, easily forgotten
The passing of winter rain

Stretch and strain, back to my game
Oblivious once again

Yet your pall remains,
A kiss of mist upon the soul
A sentinel
Of chestnut, oak and magpie’s lair

The cross you bare, a gentle snag
From times when you were elsewhere

A golden wave crashes down
Heavens glory reflected, here

The soft rustle of recent gift
A reminder that we care
Martin Mikelberg Aug 2020
chighigher             er

it is what it is
Martin Mikelberg Feb 2020
chi, hidden entity
I use "chi" to heal my body and my soul every  day when I sleep.
Martin Mikelberg Aug 2020
many nights of reaching for my chi moment

Marta Aug 2018
Stillness and immobility
They look just the same
But one can be bliss the other is pain

The stillness arises when the tension is gone
When the tension grows immobility is born

The blessing of stillness it flies high and wide
The curse of tension pulls the mind closely tied

Stillness and immobility
They look just the same
But one can be bliss the other is pain

In the eye of a storm mighty worrier she waits
Her opponent exhausted from the forces he breaks

From the centre she moves in any direction
Her hands tied only by one thing - affection

Stillness and immobility
They look just the same
But one can be bliss the other is pain
I feel myself sinking
And rising again and again
My body and soul in absolute chi
I am an energy, all things flow within me
I feel the tension in my bones and warmth in my soul
I feel at ease
There is beauty within me you cannot see
There is natural peace and harmony within
We don't need no religion, we only need love and compassion
Sally A Bayan Feb 2017 the solemnity of that place
felt just right...
a noise-prone, peopled space,
.....a corner i, we...go back to,
in the cold, or hot of
every morning

like every meeting,
we look above,
pay our respect,
warm up,
then, a time of peace, flows in, when
a calming moment starts...
breathe... like a baby,
inhale, at the start,
exhale, when finishing,
let go of the rush
let go~~~through movements~~~
in waves so slow~~~~~relax~~~
set free your worries, even for a while
think of peaceful~~~green mountains~~~
look through a nearby stream~~~soothing~~~
with tiny ripples whirling~~~
clear, like a mirror,
showing true reflections~~~while
a gentle breeze passes~~~and touches~~~
to unchain~~~to refresh~~~to dry revive....

all purposes...will have been achieved
...........................before the hour ends...

then...comes the time to leave,
a time, for each one, face another day,
............another sunrise
             ........another sunset...


Copyright February 6, 2017
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan

...really feels good to be in sync with the group once again...
a refreshing respite... from fast paced activities...
good ole friends...relaxed conversations over coffee, slowing down, letting go, and all...
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