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We, the creatures of the night, are the rattlers of chains;
The seekers of magic; the bearers of the flame.

Howling shadows beckon and shimmer with laughter in refrain;
and the screeching darkness holds terror and wonder waiting to be claimed;
In back alley juke joints, shitholes, and diners, down sidestreets and highways, we search for the thing that sparks and ignites us, that dances and delights us, that reminds us that living is more than just work interrupted by sleep; there's excitement, adventure, pleasure, and pain.

The sun burns too bright to see the light which we contain;
yet, in the dark but a spark is as bright as any flame.
Thomas Hatchett May 2017

You should believe when I tell you that I can only break your heart. Its not intentional, but it happens every time, in almost the exact same way. Don't believe you are immune to my charm  I'm masterful in my deception, in that I give away my play, in mannerhat seems endearing, like I'm kidding when I say,
  "Don't fall in love with me."
It's not hubris, or egotistical. It's pattern. I don't get a lot of girls, but the ones I do get thrown away
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