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Lewis Nov 6
How will I move on when I’m stuck like glue
When every single thing leads me back to you
Lewis Nov 2
We say goodbye
And my heart freezes from glass into stone
And I realise I’ll be here
Once again
Lewis Oct 31
I miss the feeling of your red nails coiled around my neck
It would feel like cold lightning striking my spine
My face would flush
And I was electrified
Lewis Oct 31
And in a few years when I see you I'll smile,
For I'll remember
Who I was with you

You'll be with a different man,
Brown hair and big hands
But your eyes will be the same shade of blue
Lewis Oct 22
the finger of winter
leaves fire on my cheeks
soft clouds echo birdsong
ice laced to their beaks
a world drowned in hail
over skyscraping peaks
one day is everyday
as smoke curdles in streaks
Lewis Oct 21
save me this moment, o' sweet sunrise
let me taste the auburn essence of you
for I do not have many sunrises left
so I must savour this apricot view

save me this moment, o' sweet sunrise
for my time is coming to an end
the twilight tigress cares for no other
as she hurls her marmalade blend

save me this moment, o' sweet sunrise
for you have shown me light
and when I close my eyes for eternal darkness
I will think of your tangerine might

save me this moment, o' sweet sunrise
when my light is flickering weak
the final words taste sour on my lips
rest your golden kiss on my cheek
Lewis Oct 21
Im safer when I move, when I sprint when I dance
When i wade through waters clear blue

let go of my mind, you can keep my soul
but ill share my heart with you

in twilight hours my tongue becomes butter
and my words are no longer my friend

In starlight nothing is fake nor true
Nothing bitter about this bittersweet end
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