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Ashwin Kumar Nov 2022
You may think you are special
Because you are rolling in money
And have lots of boyfriends
But the reality is as different
As chalk is from cheese
A person is special
Due to his/her character
Or what s/he does
You have a personality that is so shallow
That it would put even the Kardashians to shame
And that is saying something
You do not know the first thing about friendship
And yet consider yourself an ideal friend
To one and all
While you proceed to ghost someone
Whom you've known for years and years
All because of a silly comment
On a photo of yours on social media
Someone may be your BFF one day
And turn into a mere acquaintance the next day
For you, people are like bubblegum wrappers
To be used and thrown at a moment's notice
Of course, as we all know
There's no point in breaking your head over people
Especially in a our rather fickle-minded society
But when you act all high and mighty
As though you're always right
And everyone else is wrong
It really gets my goat
Again, you may think you are special
Based on money, good looks or the number of boyfriends you have
But all these will get you nowhere in life
Because, there will be a time
When you are in desperate need of help
And you will find
That the only people who can be of use
Are the ones whom you've already chucked
A rant against one of my former friends from Graduation.
Pyrrha Nov 2021
How could I spell out love when it is absent of her name?
The way her eyes reflected a sunrise, the envy of Eos
She was like honey in the sky, the amber of her energy enraptured me
      I was bewitched

She was a masterpiece drawn with starlight, unfathomable beauty
An ivory sculpture crafted by the hands of a god, masterpiece of Hephaestus
I remember the time I was blessed by that smile,
     A vilified promise

The scent of patchouli and the taste of my favorite tea
Like ambrosia for a mortal, that sweet taste of paradise
Sunflowers and the many other favorites that she gave me
     Stolen without a word

She used to call me late at night to talk about her day
But the days for me got longer, I couldn't keep her entertained
Such a coldness hid underneath the warmth I thought she gave me
     Gone like a ghost in the night

I thought I was breathless because I loved her, now I’m suffocated by the agony
She was killing me underneath the sweetness, constricting like a boa
And when I close my eyes to see the memories lapse she's still in them
     Haunting me like she wanted

Eros' is golden arrows struck me hard and shamelessly
Through my heart and left a scar, chasmic and wide
Her toxic serotonin left me high, addicted to her energy
     A limitless euphoria

I spoke to the gods above and I told them of my love
What a liar she's made me out to be, the clever snake
I begged that Aphrodite let my words reach her
     But they fell on deaf ears

Now I pray that Anteros relieves me and hears my plea
Unravel these feelings in my heart, lift the anchor of her name
Don't let me be the sole carrier of the blame
     For the ruin that remains
Someone I was rather close to and lowkey in love with ghosted me out of nowhere, I wrote this about it. We are both magic practitioners so there are lots of references to it.
little lion Oct 2020
I never would have thought that you,
of all people,
would pull a vanishing act on me.

I guess I should have realized
after 12 years of second, third, fourth chances
that you're no different than the rest.
Marisa Hope Jun 2020
December 28, 2012...I thought my life was over. I felt pain, sadness, and anger. Tears running down my face. It was the day you told me that you "didn't have time for friends anymore" and ended our friendship. I was about to enter the second half of my senior year, I had just been accepted to college, I was getting ready for major surgery. All things I wanted you to be there for, but you left.

Since December 28, 2012 I always felt a piece of my heart would be stuck with you, a part I would never get back. So many firsts I wanted to share with you, but I knew you would never come back. There was a darkness, a hole in my heart, a hole in my soul. I tried to reach out once I started college, but the conversations were short and meaningless. You assured me it was nothing I did, but I knew and felt deep down that it was.

We had slowly started talking again late 2019, very brief, nothing too much. But you asked to meet up if I was ever back in Baltimore. We set a date when I booked my flights to see my friends.

November 23, 2019...I hadn't seen you in 7 years. You had just gotten engaged. I didn't know what to expect when I walked into the breakfast spot. But it was instant, wonderful conversation. We didn't talk about the past, the things that tore us apart, but instead talked about what we wanted to catch up on and the milestones we have each achieved. In that moment, I finally felt the hole in my heart was sealed. Sealed with closure and with connection. Sealed with friendship and a newfound acquaintance with someone who never really left.
kaitlyn May 2020
How weird is it
that we can be best friends with someone for so long
and then one day not talk at all?
Those days turn into weeks
and the weeks turn into months
and the months turn into years
until one day you turn into complete strangers who can't even hold a normal conversation
You know so much about someone from the years of friendship
but at the same time you know nothing about them
Lost Soul May 2019
You needed someone, so I was there
I would stay up late
Listen to all the problems
and feelings you bare

You got over the last guy fast
You found another guy for a while
but didnt care if this one would last
You started asking questions about how I felt
I thought you cared
but little did I know... you love mind games
And the cards you had prepared to be dealt
You used my information get this guy
Your ex
I still wanna know why

You could've had him all along
But instead you used me
No caring about how its wrong
You both are meant for each other
You both are the same
You both love playing stupid revenge games

You send me pictures of you two together
Is that supposed to make my heart flutter
Goosebumps form across my skin as if grazed by a feather?
.....Cause it doesn't
You and him can both *******
No longer will I associate with you both
Your a waste of my time
a breathe, or even a cough
Laci Feb 2019
For three and a half years
We were the best of friends,
Hanging out,
We were happy
For three years

You came to school laughing
Walking up to your friends
Rolling up your sleeves.
I got mad.

We stopped talking to you
You told lies.
You made us seem evil.
Wanted us to suffer.
I cried

You never cared
You never will.
I miss you.
I think.

Three years.
We were great friends
We fought, of course
Though, we made up
Why did you have to pretend?
...three years
Not anymore.
My best friend decided to come to school and show me things she knows I have suffered with before and that it would hurt me. It did.
Lost Soul Dec 2018
"i'm sorry "
"i'm here for you if you need someone"
presses send

tears run down my cheek
i didn't realize
how much that hurt
i guess i'm still a bit weak
do u have a clue
i waited three months
to hear the same words
from you?
"if you need someone"
I opened every text
wiped away all my tears
use all i had left just to smile at you
but you just walked away
i stood there perplexed
Now its months later, a guy dies
and i saying these sacred words to you
i hate how i give some much of myself
to only receive lies
"i'm here for you"
you will never know
these tears are not for him
i never met him
these tears are for my hope,
my heart,and my soul
that shattered one by one
because of you
No matter what people say words hurt.
Tell someone you know who is struggling that your there for them.
Unfortunately many of us don't ever get that.
Alaska Sep 2018
In the darkness,
all I could feel was the
emptiness that you left
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