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Man Jun 20
Love is a boulevard,
Sometimes we're in different lanes.
If all's going well, then I guess it's the same.
But what of the self-imposed roadblocks,
Or closures for repairs?
Things never gotten round to, and now
Some roads lead nowhere
Man Jun 18
Maybe it's all the avarice
The commonplace detachment,
Of trodden-life, taken as a game.
It is what it is,
The way things go,
A billion different ways
To say the same thing.
riri Sep 2021
she knows he hates her
she can feel the resentment from a mile away

non-stop thinking about him turns into nightmares
waking her up everyday at 3am
she can't go back to sleep

her mistakes haunt her every night
and she hates herself for it, and can't seem to forgive herself
jason i'm sorry.
Diana Santiago Aug 2021
I waited in vain for your validation
In hopes that maybe you’d see me
The way I saw you, beloved
Sadly, you viewed me like thin air

While I was mesmerized by your cappuccino skin
And the way your hair danced in the wind
You couldn’t give a **** about me
I was just one of many who looked your way

Even as I would ignore you in plain sight
I would beg for your attention in my head
But you only threw crumbs at me
Like I was some lost street pigeon

Keep your linty crumbs for someone else
The hell you think you are?
I am deserving of so much riches
Yet I feel like some vagabond
Sungmoo Bae Sep 2020
The two ol' pals are facing each other.

He passes a glass of poison
to his dear guest, leaning
near the front door, slightly opened;
and he's learning the reason—

why he's standing there,
about to storm out of the stone-cold apartment—
'bout to burst in tears
shedding the vivid droplets

that shouldn't be belonging to a mere ghost.
Yet he's fleeting, escaping the scene still,
while the owner of the kitchenette
is putting back the bottle

    to where it belonged;
    and he's gone, present no longer.

The drink on the rock—left on the shelf—
is evaporating, following the vaporized guest,
leaving the scent of faint alcohol
that lulls the other friend to regretful sleep.
(C) Copyright: Saul Bae (Sungmoo Bae)

Last Revised: 21th of December, 2020.
EmotionalPoet Jan 2019
You're just another ******* hidden under the name of God.
You're soon to be 40
I'm nowhere near 30
I hate you so much now, I only wish you bad
I hope you'll die soon, wasn't your plan to be closer to God?
All your ******* stupid beliefs broke us apart.
And I feel a LOSER falling in your trap of love.
I hope you'll read this and understand that you shouldn't exist
A mistake you were always, an angry ******* beast.
So upset with my ex. Tired of all the things I had to go through for him. I'm tired of thinking about him.
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2018
You think I really hate you
Know I ******* should
But I do not think I ever will
Any girl in my place would

In head screams echo off the walls
My soul rotting, begging to heal
Organs a meager cushion for substances
Heart beats but doesn't want to feel

Raindrops pound, I miss your kiss
And I swear painful truth is all I  see
Used to write my adoration for you
It is clear you are unworthy

Picking at emotional scabs
Left by resentful carving knives
I wonder between snaps of anger
If this is how you wanted us to live our lives
I wish you would have thought things through
Jude kyrie Sep 2015
This shore is where we walked
between the whistling
sands of the dunes
The cry of seabirds
and the thunder of the sea
as it broke its waves upon our feet.
I thought of you as I walked
the spray filling my eyes
like salty tears.
and I know
my days will turn past deaths shadows
and time will freeze the mountains
before you hear
these sounds again with me.
Jason Drury Dec 2014
Resenting the light,
from the Olympian,
that warms my wool.

It cowards behind holly,
that grows in the pine grove.
Retreats to shaded cold,
below timber arms.

It is disgusted to the sight,
of white, yellow and orange.
Prefers the blue of night.

As it fades, flows and steeps.
It becomes clear,
pillaged of its white veneer.

Though, it carries forward,
like a grudge that won’t melt away.
Or is it more like love,
ever changing.

Or even as stubborn,
as a cold bedded love.
That brings life to you,
at least once a year.

But, in the end
it recedes.
Into the wood,
from under the holly.

Then waits,
until you’ve almost forgotten.
AW Feb 2015
Don't you dare try to convince me that
You taught me how to fly when
You were the one who pushed me
Over the edge.
Before you,
I was afraid of heights and
Even then I didn't stop falling after
I realized you would never be there to catch me.
~ A.W.

I might have hit the ground, but I got up again.
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