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Mary Frances Sep 2018
You are the Sea - peaceful and soothing.
Your big waves are your strengths.
And the small ones, your charms.

I am your Shore - acccepting and silent.
Your weaknesses, I embraced.
Your failures, I welcomed.

Not many will understand and agree
But that's how a Shore loves her Sea.
ClawedBeauty101 Dec 2017
Down in the ground, your silver body lays
You were buried, with another person on that day

Both of you are unsaved
So now your abandoned in this muddy ***** grave

You men seek for answers, you seek fullfillment
For you only have half your heart, what an empty torment

Where did the other half go? We may never know
Who has it? The Questions seem to grow

You are not in a grave yard, but within the woods of one
You should be counted as dead, and your memories done

But there is no grave stone, so there maybe hope
Maybe your time in the ground is a scope

An opportunity to learn, to believe, and to repent of past sins
For those who have ears let him ear! For the change first starts from within.

Your darkened eyes, look to find hope and relief in others
But only the drowning down pour of depression is you cover

Your shadows of hair hang over your faces, your eyes to the cold moist dirt
Deep down under, your gray chains get tangled to share each others hurt.

The only company you have is each other, along with the fallen sin trees and young future saplings
Learn from nature dear men, for the love of the roots of the tree's  to the dirt is forever grappling.

Your charm of words remain in the containment of a plastic force
The force field refuses to open for you until you end your sinful course.

I have tried to dig you two up myself, but you were down too deep.
No power on earth could unburry you two, the possibilities seem too steep

Only the Super Natural forces of God could do that
But When? WHEN will you be unburied?

I'm sorry... I'm am one impatient Cat...

*Every now and then We can feel your clasping hands reach for the empty red bench... hoping to get out of this grave.... and sit with us again....
Thankfully, one has been unburied recently, now, only by the Lord's will and grace, the other shall be too. I won't stop hoping and praying  for the lost one to finally return.
(Thank you David T for Checking this for me!)
Alan S Bailey May 2017
What would it be like to be in your arms?
How would I feel protected by your
Amazonian charms, for now only a time
Filled with worry, my darkest day,
I the song bird, long hair, big doe eyes,
Would you with your short dark raven red hair
Be able to hold me as close and not become
Lost along the way, become 'trapped' in the love
Or take off when we 'can't get any space'
Any other way? You always do remind me
Of a twin 'sister,' I your 'brother,' lost in each others
Complex similarities. You see the pieces are alike,
But when you think about the pieces,
The truth is there's no telling if I'll ever be
Close enough to explore these arms,
Your pizazz, your wild charms, so boyish, yet light.
I'll be waiting for you on the other side,
Where the colorful green grass meets what's
Now become of this endless wait,
This extremely dangerous, toilsome life.
What should I compliment ?

The glory of your charming eyes
The royal
P  o  s  e

Your adoring cheeks
Your glowing hair
The divine lips alike
Delicate petals of a
R  o  s  e

✒ ℐamil Hussain
Lost in thoughts I am

Should I measure your majestic looks in silver
Should I weigh your   h e a v e n l y   curls  in   g o l d

Lost in thoughts I am
Should I read the hidden realms within your sparkling eyes
Should I hear the words of your glowing cheeks that are told

Lost in thoughts I am
Should I bear a witness to the universe before me unveiled
Should I keep my eyes gazing at your new divine fold

Lost in thoughts I am
Such    s e c r e t s   so publicly you d i s c l o s e:
Dancing are rows upon rows of roses
Such is your beauteous pose.

✒ ℐamil Hussain
When you sing
                                                                ­                           I cry

When as stars you shine
                                                                                    I wonder
                                                                ­                   and sigh
You live in the hollow
                         of my moon

               eating my shrooms

You glitter bright
               to my arms delight

Your comet eyes

Milky way smile

Star cluster hair

Nebulous wiles
and cares

Have caught me intentionally
                                                   ­   unaware
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2015
Someday I'll hold you like you me charms
Look you straight and deep in your eyes
And let you know how much I lust for you
I'll pull your soft body with me masculine arms
Dead close to mine so that you realize
How glamorously my  **** tightens for you
Someday I'll touch your neck with my teeth
I'll graze it so softly that you won't quit
And then pour magical whispers into your ears
The much I've dammed up all these years
I'll place my hard palms beneath your shirt
To softly hard caress your skin so that it'll sweetly hurt
Then I'll place my head onto yours and sigh
Because by this point I'll already be high
Someday I'll be this close and I won't miss
I'll peck your forehead but your lips kiss
You'll shut your eyes and savor my taste
I'll take it one step at a time with no haste
I'll patiently unbutton your outfit
You won't stop me for you'll feel me heat
Someday I'll **** at your beautiful *******
Draped like two cute oranges on your chest
You'll mourn like you're grieved at the pleasure
You'll beg me to quickly find my way inside
But I'll try and keep my control and decide
when to partake of your juicy treasure
Someday I'll explore further down your thighs
Me whom you much loathe and despise
You'll arch like a bow at every touch and laugh like a clown
Yet mourn as I navigate every street of tuna town
You'll beg me to pass through the tunnel of love
And just then I'll swiftly embed myself into nature's glove
I'll place myself above you,I'll be a long awaited burden
You'll hold my posterior as I plough through your garden
Since you say there's no love around here
Further apart your thighs will obediently split
While we make it
Someday we'll walk a thousand miles with no rest
We'll surf the ****** waves till we hit the viperous crest
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