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Eloisa Apr 2020
She’s into ravens and dragons,
charms, prayers and spells.
Enchantment and mystery,
spirits and fantasy.
Phantom and magic,
dreams and stardust.
She’s into fascinating connections,
rituals and meditations.
She gives thanks to the sun,
the stars and the moon.
She trusts patience and love.
She adores understanding souls,
She’s into all these
and a thousand things more.
May E V Watson Apr 2014
Can you see? Can you see?!
Where the Faye roam free,
Where the earth and the sky are one in the night.
Can you see, can you see?
Where the Faries fly free,
   And dance in the light of the moon shining bright.
   *Can you hear? Can you hear?!

The laughter of the lutes,and the songs of the Stars.
As they pull you to their world, too enchanted to run.
     Can you hear, Can you hear?
The songs of the Sirens trying to beguile,
   And the tunes of the Naiads calling you to drown,
Into the depths of the water, of which they both ware the Crown.
its not finished, i wanted to add, "Can you feel" for the earth, but it just hasnt come to me.

— The End —