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Veritia Venandi Dec 2020
A part of me which was ether
Escaped into space to look down upon myself...
Draped in shawl and sweaters, it saw me bleeding on crumpled sheets of paper,
Staring vacantly to an invisible horizon, where words became waves and emotions -a deep swirling ocean
It saw me smile... It saw me cry...It saw me being another... It saw me being me...
As I carved letters with ink in the hope of calming a storm inside me that seemed otherworldly...
My ethereal self understood tis the time, the aesthetic moment that appears in the life of every poet,
That harbours the essence of their lives
A moment so fleeting to be captured on camera... A moment so tenderly fragile...
So my vapoury self remembered unto it's memory it's own writing self...
And slowly returned back to me
So, this is how I remember my state... This is what I finally wrote unto paper...
The description of my candid moment!
Just tried to photograph myself writing this!
Thank you dear all for reading this❤
Arcassin B Apr 2019
By Arcassin Burnham

I be really chill as ****,
Chill as ****,
Technically on the break but that's all in
my head,
Penitentiary mindset but no longer locked
up, you didn't hear from me,
So that's not what I said,
Moving around the creases , in and out
of situations , not my main occupation,
But I'm working up the nerve to live and
survive and survive,
And I don't know how long I could stay
alive , in this ongoing cycle,
Throw your feelings out ,recycle,

I be really chill as ****,
Chill as ****,
Let the chamomile flow though the veins and such, I got a,
Soft spot for nature in my own little way,
Nobody else strong enough to evade my
space, Ya hear me,
Really chill , to the point of no return from
this cloud that I'm on, I could never come
down off this plane, its real strange,
But I'm sane,
Chill I'm telling you.


Don't drag your partners down along with ya' to the grave,
When fakeness is engrave into their brains like a bad movie that
Persuades ,never know,  might bring the pain,
Shut up,
Close your eyes,
Matter of fact open them, stay awake,
Trust no one,
Talk to everyone,
Don't become a dead body in a lake,
Don't seal your fate,
You planned this ,You planned this,
You planned this, don't run from it,
You planned this ,the parasite lingers like
A therapist,
You planned this,
There's no other way to say your views are distorted,
Turning every which way as a sign,
It's a crime, systems take over your life,
You didn't plan it,
But they planned it,
This is propaganda we've been handed,
Your life expectancy isn't really candid,
I know we all gotta' die someday , lie awake somewhere,
Don't be a bandit or a sinner, that’s impossible,
Is this country really free ? Is it optional ?
The feds will hold , a grudge to different race cause their superiors told,
I feel like life is game without the checkmates,
It never gets old.
Dog Years Jul 2018
So tired, she thought it best
to wear her heart on her sleeves
and get things off her chest

Ignored a notion misconceived
that living like an open book
would only make her more naive

She said if they simply take another look
they'll see a clear transparency
and maybe, just maybe, let me off the hook
Lewis Irwin Jun 2018
I appear to be pushing back tears,
And I'm trying to stay strong.
Why have I been seeking forgiveness for all these years?,
Why did I romanticise my Demons in song?

I feel like the stem of a Rose,
A quaint mind of beautiful words to take away others hurt.
But I pierce the skin of those who comes close,
As I stamp on the acquaintances I left in the dirt.

Spawn of a Speed fiend and the ******* of an ***** freak,
A walking disease.
Ever so volatile and ****** to Hell like a Sinners smile,
Walking for miles in my own head,
Only to fall to my knees at Satan craving;
sankavi Jun 2018
have you've ever taken that one candid picture  
so pure and precious
there's a difference between a photo that is staged and perfect and a picture that no one knew was taken
in that one picture, no one is trying so hard to be perfect
Quinntin Bravo Jan 2018
sometimes I just feel broken
unable to move
and all I ever want to just do
is just be gone
let it all end
my heart is empty
my mind is empty
I am empty
A feeling that somehow keeps returning to me
Quinntin Bravo Dec 2017
cold pizza
orange soda
bright lights
dark room
big heart
empty feeling
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