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Lewis Irwin Dec 2019
through hell & through earth
an angel starts to die
to death & from birth
an angel starts to die

so when we can't cry but try
when we can't die but try
it's the price we pay when an angel starts to die

we threw stones at the stars but the sky fell down
cause' when angels die ash hits the ground

and as the darkness fades to black
your soul dissipates; never to return back
she will never love you the way you love her eyes
because ash only falls when an angel starts to die
Lewis Irwin Nov 2019
I'm like climate because I deteriorate each day, it's a treat,
My nails are bitten to the seams just so I can feel; so I can bleed.
The nihilistic ******; I don't feel sorry; I hope we crash,
Pushing buttons in mirror cause my vision should be clearer, what's another ****?

Fear anger manipulate irate lust & youth,
The values that stitch the masses in truth.

I cut my neck to watch it bleed; imagine what I'd be if I was death on the screen?
I grip my teeth to watch them leave; crumble my soul like a God on its knees.
And when I fall back into the black kick me back; don't grab my hand,
And when I reach out it's a farce don't placate me because I don't want to land.

Fear anger manipulate irate lust & youth,
The values that stitch the masses in truth.

I want to die young to a dulcet cause; and romanticise my sins and all my flaws,
Pack my bags and leave a note; laugh it
off and slit my throat; like I give a toss.
I burnt a hole in my soul, I lost my will so long ago; I can't come back,
Forced to live without a choice; I've lost the right; I've lost the track.

Fear anger manipulate irate lust & youth,
The values that stitch the masses in truth.

In a world filled with power and greed,
Don't forget to check with them if you can be free.
They choose who you want to be and who's the new celebrity,
And when the water cooler talk starts to wear off, and when you start attack people when they don't like what you want.
When general public consensus is apparently "key", don't forget who controls exactly what you see.

You're not free,
You never will be.
The foundations are crooked,
And I know it sounds stupid,
But you've got to annihilate the system if you want to see the change,
Because they don't care about a single ******* thing that you say.
The world revolves around you and not the sun,
And you all wonder why nothing ever gets done.
You made the machine and allowed it to corrupt,
And forgot to build a fail safe, ah we're all ******...
Lewis Irwin Aug 2019
There's a hole inside my head,
A blank space; a weakness and threat.
Picking up the pieces,
Of my arms I've etched.

Blind ramblings of a broken parable,
Finding a man in the sky, is it probable?
Sick to death of a hole in my head,
If I end my life I'll visit Hell instead.

In the belt of freaks, felons, and harlots,
"Seek redemption or die!" Said the varlet.
They see the evil inside of me,
I've got to find God before God finds me.
Inspired by a record called 'Finding God before God finds me' by Bad Omens
Lewis Irwin Jun 2019
As she lays down in a state of bliss,
It's only after the reality hits.
She's harbouring life inside where her demons resides,
She can't afford but she won't abort; she will save a life.

What is life if happiness isn't part of the equation?
How do we validate and justify our questions and frustrations.
Is allowing life saving life? Because in happiness life resides,
She can't afford but she won't abort; she will save a life.

She's now a Mother of some standard,
Equivocally she tries and **** those demons inside her.
Her daughter finds no joy in the mother who's smile lays no happiness,
Her laugh croaked with the remanence of a pied piper.
With no food or knowledge to consume she will surely be laid to doom,
Because her Mother died as the demon who consumed her wore her skin like a prize.

Giving life isn't saving life,
Because happiness is where life resides.
Lewis Irwin May 2019
You see the world in greyscale,
A filter over your mind.
You feel colours in braille,
A gift plagues in your mind.

You scrutinise the sun; for all is black,
A disease that haunts your mind.
You pray for at least sadness back,
A prose of your lonely mind.

I'd go through the bay of Hades,
I'd take loans out on my soul.
I'd walk through trenches of cacophony,
Just so you didn't feel so alone.

I'd paint this earth in all the colours that be,
A gift to heal your mind.
I'd absorb the numbness that haunts you in sheets,
A plague I see in your mind.
I'd die for you, just wait and see,
And finally together we will be.

For you aren't one soul, you're an amalgam of different faces,
And if this mirror has taught me anything, it's that we lose colour in loneliest of places.
Lewis Irwin Apr 2019
There's a tree in the middle of a patch of grass,
And it's standing alone while it's peers surround it.
People they just pass and there's no second glance,
And I said to the tree "I'm just like you, as you are me".
The leaves they're alive, but they're browning and turning white,
They're barley alive,
for you are the same as I.
I wrote this during an anxiety attack. It is about a real tree also.
Lewis Irwin Apr 2019
she's dying slowly,
and we just sit and stare.
she's dying slowly,
and we just don't care.

she's cried for help all by herself,
we procrastinate prophetically, hoping.
she's alone, scared and lost in herself,
we'll just blank it callously, hoping.

you just gawk uselessly as she cascades into entropy,
she's tried, cried and locked it all inside.
a fire burning hotter than the sun,
a fire to burn us all, one by one.
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