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ConariConnor Jan 2021
My Savior.
The light of my life.
It was him who saved me from myself.
Dragged me out of the currents.
Divined me from my demons.
My Enemy.
The reason I'm still here.
It was him who kept me here.
He destroyed me.
Crushed my freedom and soul.
Made me want him more.
Played with me like I couldn't feel.
My Love.
My Hate.
My Angel
My Demon.
uh, this is fictional btw. just
photovoltaic Dec 2020
Just as you are different to me,
I cannot understand you.
Every move you make
Every thought, expression
That passes across your eyes;

They say eyes are the window into the soul
But your eyes are expressionless
Blank as a stone slate
Cold as a stone slate

How could you **** someone?
Don't you feel guilty?
The dark malice hidden away in those beautiful eyes
Spur-of-the-moment thoughts, uncontrollable impulses.

How did I fall for you?
People still ask me, every day.
Do you still love her?
How do I answer that?

All those memories we shared,
Every photo taken,
I still look back at them, sometimes.
And feel the toxic rush of happiness
Of fondness, of love.
Love for a serial killer.

While you comforted me,
Gently held me,
Assuring me,
Everything was going to be alright,
You tortured, tore apart others
Who were different from me.

You're a murderer, a criminal.
You took a life, intentional
Every move and calculated plan
All executed like a falling guillotine.
Unstoppable. Deadly.

How did I fall for you?
People still ask me.
I still remember, the memories we shared.
Every gentle word and loving touch,
Filling me with toxic happiness.

How did I fall for you?
How do I answer that?
The best answer, I think,

Is that you were different.
again i have no idea what im writing **** pls send help
c May 2019
at 2:45 pm you tied your shoe
around three minutes ago
your eyebrows raised in confusion
as the professor didn't make sense

at 2:51 your eyes dart at me
she's familiar, you thought
how could i not be?
i know you.

at 3:15 am you rolled over the bed
you sleep so soundly
i miss your scent
the shirts i have barely had any left

at five past four i didn't catch
what you did
as the shrubs were itchy
i scratched
my head

click comes my camera
you never smile,
you don't notice me i suppose,
it's making me quite sad

chewed gum on the bin
how does it taste?
perhaps like your lips
that is wild in my dreams

as divine as you can be
i want to take you
like a picture where everything
is everlasting

six feet under
I'll be the only one
who will remember you forever
c May 2019
i love you
my lovely lady don't cry
hush little love
i don't take a no for an answer,
you know that right?
let me take you out
outside in snow
and a dinner in candlelight

hey hey, your eyes
seems to be interested my love
where to? i surely wish it was me
i smiled sweetly and you frowned
surely this is a mistake!
my love loves only me!
you trembled
it must've been so chilly right?
I'll take you outside

i have a gift for you, i said,
here! i draw out a pen
and proudly showed it to you

oh dear, why are you so noisy!
it is beautiful and has me in it
i had you lay down in my lap
a night of stars, all right

first I'll draw some colour
in your eyes
for that stinky ***** you kept
looking at inside
drag it down to your heart

i kissed your lips
then your chest
with iron inside my mouth
finally we are one, darling

crossed out your heart
and i hope you die
Cyrus Jul 2018
When the light
Gets dim and the love
Unfolds and with the blacket we slept
Is made up of coal

All the love I seek
Is not meant for me, and
They say my destiny
Is pure misery

I need to be with you
I need to hide the truth
Don't wanna to look behind
Because my demons are all alive

My goal is so pure
But I got blood on the floor
I've got save you again
I gotta do it again

When I feel your heat
My heart just skips a beat
You're the only thing left inside
You are my only light

When your friends go away
Please don't think about how
Remember you're all that's left inside
You are my only light
Constructive critism is welcomed
cleann98 Apr 2018
You have only seen yourself two times.
One, taking a picture and looking at
     the lovely image,
Two, staring at the mirror and looking at
     your dainty reflection…

You don’t get to see how your eyes glisten,
When you look up…

You don’t get to know how
     Your face lights up,
When you talk about something you love…

Or witness how pretty you are,
     Whenever you laugh and smile—

You can never see how beautiful you are,
It’s kind of sad actually.

But I’ll be there.
I’ll be there to tell you exactly what I see—
—I see fissures on your lips
as you speak,
as you laugh,
as you frown.

I watch closely as flood gushes…
Storms of tears flowing through your eyes.

I look intently at your pale thin cheeks,
Looking at how they **** in.

    Every moment smaller—
    Every second slower—

Observing every micrometer of your face,
Gosh, you’re still so beautiful…
     But we both know,
That your beauty can never be mine.
     Neither it be his—

Gazing upon your face,
     One last time,
     One last chance,

Bleakly hoping I can memorise your smile…

Mesmerised one last while…

It’s a little bit sad.
     Only I saw your beauty.
          And now it belongs to the ground.
2017 August--- This poem is actually a collaboration between me and someone important: F.S. She always had homicidal tendencies, but believe it or not, the end part was the part I wrote.
Umi Jan 2018
I love you I love you please remember that
I love you I love you please I am so glad we met
I love you I love you please forgive me for being a little yandere, crazy
I love you I love you when I think of you my vision gets hazy
My heart pounds fast I want this to last, I want you to be mine alone, just mine
Until both of us reach the end of our lifetime
I love you I love you please understand
I love you I love you please dont replace me
I love you I love you youre the one I want to be (with)
I love you I love you youre like a lily Elegant, wonderful and majestic, beautiful and so sweet
You won my heart in the matter of a heartbeat
Come my love with me take a seat
Lets cuddle, lets kiss, lets remember this
That we should be happy together, that we should find bliss
So I will cheer you up as much as I can, you're the one I miss (when youre gone)
I love you I love you that is all I can say
I love you I love you you are my ray, of light
I love you I love you so lets shine bright tonight
Until we have found buried one another in each other's hearts
Until the blush of dawn arrives and another day starts

~ Umi
Umi Dec 2017
The name of my love
The one who makes me feel as high as the clouds above
I love you so much it hurts when you are not here
Please dont replace me..that would be my biggest fear
You can have *** with others I dont mind
Though I might be...because of this blind
Since I let you get touched by those who dont deserve it
No they dont deserve it one single bit
I want to stuff their lungs with a crow
Dont cry pains me to see you having a woe
I want to see you smile
This would make my day worthwhile...
I want to marry ya maybe I am insane
Or perhaps I am naive, but you make me gain...(determination)
I love you, you should be mine
Thinking this way is not a crime ?
I love you...please dont break my heart
Even if this is something like a restart
But I do love you so I am writing this
You fill my days with endless bliss

~ Umi
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