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Anne J Nov 2018
Petals scatter with sweet honey from the hexagonal sun
And drip their nectar unto the heiress’s staff’s bun
Her lips shine with the yellow blood of her little wasp enemies
Disguised with a soft and young smile that’s hidden breathlessly
The young ruler’s snow hair dissolves into sweet sprinkles of canary
And her golden eyes shall unleash a sting into whoever she shall marry
A poem I started yesterday and finished today. Based on this artwork I saw on DeviantArt: I got her permission to do this poem. Please check out her art, it's freaking awesome!
I wanted to drown the ocean,
seeing that it could never be done.
I wanted a longer tongue,
long enough to taste jazz music
inside my coffee. I wanted to avoid
downfall, but I can't when
everyone around feels like gravity.
I wanted to touch an angel's halo,
but butterfly wings don't travel that far.

I wanted to throw caution
to the wind, but there is
too much canary yellow tape all over me.
I wanted to be loved, but it was stamped return to sender.
trf May 2018
i rest my head gently
against wooden beams,
cigarette smoke clouds
pillow case dreams

on a star spangled night
dangling feet off a ledge,
the moon bends light
along a noose i've pledged

the devil calls my name
the weight pulls me down
the angels aren't to blame
ignore their siren sound

i kneel beside my bed
and shake my fists above
this reckless life i've led
sings blue cobalt love
Overlooking Star mountain, my backyard's landscape; I like to have a break, dangle my bare feet over a 60 foot drop and try to smile. It's a sight to behold.
Lucy Mohr Mar 2018
There is
              a little bird
                                 that sings
              until a storm
              when danger is near
                                                  it screams a warning call
               I lost the little bird.
i never know when
              the storm is coming
I don't know why i wrote this, but i just thought of the little yellow bird with the beautiful voice
Amanda May 2017
How wonderful,
It would be,
If I were,
A canary.

Singing melodies,
Til the fading light,
And pondering,
The stars at night.

And to be loved?
To be adored!
A little care
i could afford.

I wish my days
Were filled with dreams,
Lazy rays
of sunshine beams.

How wonderful
this life must be,
A birdies world
is so carefree.

But what is this?
A darker side?
No place to go
When I need to hide?

When my only home
Is an endless stage,
A performance behind,
The bars of my cage.

Tired and anxious,
Daylight goes dim,
Another sleepless
Night begins.

Wondering if
Ill ever be free,
From the prison thats
surrounding me.

In the blink of an eye
Morning comes pink.
Maybe im more like
a canary than i think.
Josh Dec 2017
Evening nears
Another dreary day
Hauls me over its shoulder
I continue to draw breath.

I sit here
in the knowledge
that what I want
will ruin me.

A little canary
lands on my shoulder
and chirps its song:
"My friend, my friend,
wait and wait.
It's not too late to smile again,
Tomorrow has its own tomorrow,
your legs will gain strength
and your heart will follow"

It's not the best sunset I've ever seen,
nor the most pristeen,
but it holds secrets.
It makes me feel something
blue, orange, lilac and grey
Leafless trees stand silhouetted
Pretty, prickly nervous systems
I'm nervous too
I hope God isn't petty
Hidden in the lilac clouds

A flaming horizon
caked with lilac clouds
I ask it questions
but its silence lasts the night
I have been unwell lately and thus had too much time to think
Eyal Lavi Aug 2017
Encased within a gilded cage
With clipped wings as if I could-

-and have no doubt I surely would
take flight as once I surely did, to soar the skies, to taste the winds, to ****** my wings and let the breeze-
-take charge as I let go my fears and let my instincts lead my route.

Above below and through the clouds, I sore to heights so high that man below appear as ants and city lights serve to remind of man whose whims I must abide where I a canary caught in their grasp.

There was a time when I was free to dream of soaring upon crests of wind

And then that time came crashing down within a moment when man set his eyes

That moment when my guards were down

The very moment I lost the freedom I had had

And clipped, my wings, so I would never know the joy of freedom flying to and fro'

If only that was what they had in store perhaps their would remain a glimmer of hope

Alas it wasn't meant to be
I was a sacrifice to what man considered his

To live at all expenses lest within a mine beneath the ground the noxious fumes would dispatch man, their life no more, they all would die

And so it's i within a gilded cage whose mankinds fatal line of defense

And so I'm lowered in my cage
To serve as warning for all those men

Who treat me kind as kind can be
'For they know when I stop to breath they might be next lest they escape

And so now stripped of taking flight
I serve as signal, my death their sign that noxious fumes are deadly know and all they need as proof is I

'For in my cage I'm meant to die which signifies a lethal strike

I am the canary down the mine
My freedom gone all that I have
Is to pray that my death is quick for all my freedom no longer exists.
Eyal Lavi
Terry Collett May 2017
Janice's gran said
don't let the canary
fly out the window.

I won't
Janice said.

Gran made sure
all windows and doors
were shut.

Ok you can let
the bird out now
her gran said.

I stood watching
as Janice opened
the birdcage
put her hand in
the yellow canary
jumped onto her
small finger.

She brought
the bird out
on her finger
we watched as it
fluttered its wings
and chirped loudly.

Janice lifted
her finger
level with her eyes
and spoke to it.

I said nothing
but stood there

Her gran had only
let me in
if I promised not
to teach the bird
bad language
I promised.

Who's a pretty boy then
Janice said.

The bird held its head
to one side
but said no words.

He spoke that time
when I was alone with him
and told him
a few words
and he said them
almost straight away.

I wondered if
he remembered me
and would
repeat them today.
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