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Roro Sep 2020
I had three bowls of cereal today
Is that interesting? Is that strange?
What if I told you it was Cheerios
A cereal I intensely hate?
Suddenly I'm in love
Suddenly life is beautiful and so is fate
Even if I am in misery, in the darkness above
This shallow pain, this filter over my youth
It cannot touch the core of my being
The beliefs I stand for, they still hold true
If I could opt out, choose not to exist
I would turn it down with great satisfaction
Hell and hell all over again with pleasure
I feel lucky to be alive
I am lucky I get to taste
Even the ******* cereal...
Thanks, Cheerios
You're actually pretty ******* great
:(: Getting more and more depressed each day, but feeling more and more in love with life and inspired to create :):
maria Sep 2019
In the ***** streets
I saw your face,
In the rough sea
I felt your body,
In the bus stations
I smelled your perfume,
In my cereal
I tasted your tears,
In the loud radios
I heard your absence.

On my pillow
I shouted my goodbyes.

I don't see you anymore.
My cereal bowl is full of your lies.
Trying to get over lies and the loneliness you caused.

Written on September 20, 2019
Masha Yurkevich Sep 2019

If you take too long to cook dinner,
everyone will just end up
eating cereal.

Even though I'm a kid, I do this all the time
piper May 2019
Yazad Tafti Dec 2018
i like **** of all sizes
no matter the shape we always make compromises
they're all generally hidden behind brassiere disguises
embellishing decorations that cover up glamorous prizes

i always got milk on hand
secreted from those voluptuous mammary glands
some may say they feel like water balloon brands
silicone addition seems like an unnecessary plan

honey nut oats with those titttiiiesss!
love yourself because i love you
Nigel Finn Jul 2018
I died yesterday, by my own hand,
And now here I am;
Standing like a ******* idiot in my kitchen,
And craving cornflakes.

The reasons why I did it seem hazy now;
All the buttoning and unbuttoning seemed to much,
Or else a love had left me,
And now I can't even grasp a bowl.
Stupid! That's what it is! Pure stupidity!
And I just want some ****** Crunchy Nut!

The bathrooms off-limits now;
It just makes me angry to see myself lying there,
No longer able to help anyone, least of all myself,
And that body didn't seem to care
About my cereal lust.

So here I am; staring at the cupboard,
But unable to open it,
and I don't even know if there's
any cereal left in the ****** thing anyway.
All those stupid myths about ghosts walking
Through walls was wrong apparently;
I'm just slowly fading away.

So here I am; craving cereal like a spoon.
The stupid spoon that I'm unable to grasp;
That seems to chortle, facelessly, at my attempts.
And being forever angry at that
Stupid idiot in the bathroom
For whom I feel nothing but contempt.
“The real question of life after death isn't whether or not it exists, but even if it does what problem this really solves.”
― Ludwig Wittgenstein
Jessica Jarvis Mar 2018
Days like today call for second dinners
Because days like today missed the one in the morning

Seconds dinners substitute one for the other
You get sleep, but miss the one
You miss sleep, but get the other
Though you hardly ever get the one,
You can still hope to get the other,
Because one bowl filled with satin glazed rings is just as promising as those midnight stars outside your window.
They both help you sleep
and the thunder begins to settle.

Late night contemplations over a bowl of cereal.
Gabe Ouellette Feb 2018
Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!
Is it...
fallen snow, frozen over a cold evening-
Amber and bronze leaves, felled by a cool autumn breeze?
Or is it simply my barky breakfast bar, leaving me wondering if others can hear me chewing...
I know my mouth is closed, I am trying to be courteous...
But can they hear it?
Sher Sep 2017
Where do I start?
I still remember the warmth you gave me when i had my breakdown moments
How you never miss the ‘good morning’ and ‘goodnight’ texts despite your busy life
How you’d surprised me with gifts and secret letters
And how you changed me, to a better me.

Dear you,
its funny to think how I started drinking coffee thanks to you
Eating your favourite cereal which u first introduced me to
Listening to the same song over and over just because you do too
Reading the book you gave me every night before I sleep.

Dear you,
How can I forget the memories we had together
Momentarily, but filled with euphoria and love
Our travels and adventures from one destination to the next
With no one but us, just us.

I miss you, I miss us, I miss everything we had, no second thoughts
One day I hope you’ll realize how i’ve been yearning for your love
How I hope we can have second chances
To understand, to love, to support each other
To be a better us.
"you know I'm always here if you need me right? Always. Remember that"
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