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Ghxstcxt Jul 4
Don't try to write it
Or speak it
It's made up weak ****
You're deceiving

When I'm like that, I zone out
in a cloud of "hazy self doubt"
Cut my phone out
I'm unproud
So I stuff my self doubt down my throat to sever sound
Until I am...


Held down firm by recluse leaning movements...
sushii Dec 2019
spikes and chains
i enjoy the pain
frilly lace
and satin space

you’ve got quite a pretty face
especially when it twists into a scowl
when you put me in my place
verse Oct 2019
If only walls could talk
I'd speak to urs

they'v seen u naked, **** and bare
they'v seen u scowl ,frown and haul
they see ur true face
without the mask u wear  

If only walls could talk
I'd make urs tell

what u really feel when u say ur 'ok'
if that gorgeous smile is really just 'fake'
and how much of ur love and happiness did i 'take'

If only ur walls could talk
...cause u don't want to
Salmabanu Hatim Aug 2019
Mum communicated with us with her eyes and gestures,
When we interrupted her,
Her eyes would be in slits and a scowl told us to leave,
An angry stare and a cough was a signal, "no second helping".
To the guests,"They are full".
And if we dared her,
She would bite her lips, with an angry glare that meant, no pocket money for a week".
If we did something to the visitors' child who messed with us she would  hold us lovingly,
But tightly, a sharp pinch from behind and sweetly ask us to apologise,
Lord Mighty! If we argued the pinch would be sharper meaning,"they are our guests".
Nowadays mummies have their eyes burdened with mascara, and long eyelashes,
Their faces covered with heavy make-up,
They are so busy with their own lives and to ease their conscience  they think their children are gems.
A Simillacrum Apr 2019
Let me take your eyes, I'll
give you my teeth.
Who wants brown rot? You.
Wheat speckled emerald
rings encircle
obsidian space.
Just one of the things
                  I love about your face.

Out of the box, out of the realm,
she is heart to my sword and my helm.
Bowl of the bread, bowl on her head,
she permits me the grand privilege:

learning her will, learning her pain,
learning her joy and her disdain,
lines into dimples, lines into jowls,
lines of a smile and lines of a scowl.
Connor Exodus Feb 2016
My heart pours
smooth like a
fine red wine,

And I scowl and
scamper for a
glass in the night,

So it can land so
safely and surely
for consumption.

But someone always
drinks it so fast
with no remorse.

And it was I
who poured it.
I allowed it
to be drunk.

— The End —