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Jules Oct 21
Some kid called you hot
Happens more often than not
I'm glad it's their to boost your ego
You feel uncomfortable
but yet enjoy it though?
Poetic T May 25
We yearn to be whole yet,
       some are empty
      only though others actions.

Let us fill every vessel
           so everyone is of equal self.

Never leave another behind.
We have always been told, that once you did the thing, you will do it again.
We have been told, that people
will never change. But it is
not true. You can change
in one minute.
All it takes
is one
In the minute
you change your
view, your mind. If you
regret your faults and forgive
yourself it will be forgiven you.
Every one of us makes mistakes, but still we are precious. Every person in this world makes a difference, may
be not for the whole world,
but you can mean the
world for even just
one person.
little thing
you hate on yourself
people love on you, because
it makes you unique and beautiful.
Keep the faith. Love and respect yourself more than anything. ♡
Luna Craft Jun 2017
God I wish for something more
Empower me until said power sours me
Bitter poison, take a bite
Give me a reason for an extra step
I don't care if the stairs lead me no where
I just need something to climb

I'm not in the position to be wasting others time
You see I am simply a being of habit
Let me run, let me soar
The world can't bind expression
So give me something new
Give me more
Aoife Apr 2016
a childhood
ripped away so quickly
i felt it's whisk
like a smack to the face.

the grey lines
stopped appearing on the wall
after four foot one
and christmas presents piled up
in the untouched room
you once brought life to.

once upon a time,
we had just enough, perhaps a little less,
and now we have more,
always extras.

i can feel your warm hands
as they sit neatly in mine.
i can see your contagious laughter
and the lines you get on your forehead.

report cards stopped coming in,
as did paintings and mother's day cards.
toys stayed as dolls and crayons,
never did they graduate to more.
our house looks so innocent,
but the impurities speak otherwise.

your little boots still sit at the door,
red and shiny and untouched.
a baby coat hangs above them,
mud covering the bottom half in entirety.

and i will continue to sit on the rocking chair
in the corner of your bedroom,
cradling your blanket so ****** tightly
it's fibres embed themselves in me,

for all that started off as miracles
fade too soon.
Take my hand - you've got to
feel fun time's heading
Futuristic daydreams
are at hand -handy!
microchipped wild
boys and girls
on rent - hardly paid off -
dance! Roll the dice!
Flicker eyes!
Adrift on the dimlit
reflector rays°°°°you're
never lost or at loss;
Coloured circles glide
across the dancefloor__
bouncy boots swoon, high heels
crack, remastered barefoot Tribe~
Enjoys momentary revelations!
Latino lovers attracting
honey dew magnetic more-s
rain coats off - smiley coasts shine on~
those cunning shenanigan freckles
pressed redhair beauties against
needy torsos in ecco-leather jackets  
electrified silhouettes stunning
like elves un-fading beauty  
transforming tuxedos
of a tight
night; a jingle of
Prague crystals into
one dancing wave submerged
by the vicinity of hissing tongues  
-been- beaten by fierce kissing
in a stronghold ballroom
frenzy - polarized
beatings - hi-s and bye-s ; a
stroboscopic syncopation
ecstatic hips,  
space shuttle
mingled nirvana at a+
futuristic dream
Just thought you should know that you are ******* talented
And awesome
And everyone who disagrees can go stick a piece of toast up their ***
Stay amazing
You're great
Just a reminder to all you poets
getting down and out
Go forth and do what you do
It's brilliant
And so are you
YOU! Yes you!
With the skin!
Are you really going to put
yourself *d

                             ­    w
                                                      n­ today?
Stoop to the level
of those around you?
Or *rise
from your tomb like a
fashionista from hell?
Pat your cheeks
Kiss your fingertips and take a leap
Because today is YOURS
And no one can put you back in that grave.

— The End —