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We have always been told, that once you did the thing, you will do it again.
We have been told, that people
will never change. But it is
not true. You can change
in one minute.
All it takes
is one
In the minute
you change your
view, your mind. If you
regret your faults and forgive
yourself it will be forgiven you.
Every one of us makes mistakes, but still we are precious. Every person in this world makes a difference, may
be not for the whole world,
but you can mean the
world for even just
one person.
little thing
you hate on yourself
people love on you, because
it makes you unique and beautiful.
Keep the faith. Love and respect yourself more than anything. ♡
The Second Daniel, thought to overcome
Four more Visions conjured out of his Wand
Without reply does he renounce his Sum,
Later added Better Digits on hand
Mindly notice how this Social Train plays
Slowly taking Commuters off the Tracks
Which this Conductor sadly he displays
And the Tickets he hoped he would get back
You were not the First. This I can assure
But Sincerity a Note only you choose
This Soul, called Will, independent from cure
Balanced on Scales gives your Career a Boost.
If Reason be Creed, then Failure is Heart
Sir, not all Jewels you can just Compart.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
ryn  Feb 2015
Have I Lied?
ryn Feb 2015
People cheat,
people lie

To get ahead
just to get by.

They do it out of deemed necessity
have made it a successful habit.

Some would feel bad,
some wouldn't lose sleep over it.

Some lie to protect...
Some lie to infect...

With little remorse
full blown guilt.

Either way
all they've built.

A lie is an accessory
that most tend to abuse.
A convenient mask
for the ugly truth
that most would misuse.

Lies are...
The bane of relationships
Destroyer of trust...
Conveyed by irresponsible lips.

So have I ever lied?
Have I ever desecrated
honesty's pride?
Have I ever wielded it
to save others from harm?
Have I ever employed it
to boost my charm?

No I haven't,
now that's a lie...
Spouted that so easily,
I didn't even need to try...

I am no exception...

I am no saint,
I'm only human
with an ill sense of direction.

I have lied...
How about you?

Search deep inside...
*You know you have too...
I noticed the System on how we relate
For every Plus a Minus you return
Yet this Gnawing Event nailed to your Gate
Were your Foe's Doomed Plagues; Yet left me unspurned
Which made me wonder why you chose to mum
Yet for this Announcer a spite you blew
Why? Was it to boost your Public Aplomb
And cheat your way with the people you knew?
Like your First Partner. Whose Rabbit Remark
Asked for Improvements whilst stuck on his phone
Then came Black Letters asking for his bark
When all he did was to leave you alone.
Diver! Enough with your Cosmic Abuse
Don't wait for the Witch to cast her Spell loose.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
With that, my Parapets should find Content
Knowing you and all Involved will migrate
But only sever out those Post-Chains sent
Will I be Enlightened from this Debate
I should go first, seeing this Program, I,
The Valleyed Entrepreneur once invest
For special - Hearts which ferrimost go by
And boost this Capital for all your Best
Only a matter when my eyes Break Lens
Which, for once, these Songs never did Exist
Since configured to Sportive Water's sense
Those Borrowed Drums whose Beat will now resist.
With my lips pursed, to the top of my mane
I Thank you once again, Beauty's Maiden Name.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
Forbegging yay Progress, me Most High Lord
Besoothe thaye Stock's High-Cast-Baste-Reborough
And Livvenny-Lug, quain Twill-Truth's-Be-Word
Would Sluggenny-Bust thaye Pell's Arthorough
Aye, take them Less to thore Summerful Sum
Therr quine bemime blubber-boost up-to-front
Shanty ye, Crown, dow Caraparcel's Hum
Laugh more shan't take much Desire on Wont
We porkify Lub-Senses wore Jiggers clude
Feast-Tea ye Merry; Jolly-Cant, digress
Till Ferry thaye Maidens; And Torque-Pie, ****
Rode ye Arkins - Road! Be thaye Kiss address.
Labber ye, Throne, deserve Cot's Privilege
Roar Pull-Course Attract; Mine Concubinage.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
DivineDao Jun 2016
Well ~ my mom always said:

If a man wants a woman ~ he wants her! And he'll show her that soon enough ~ if he really wants her!
                     Otherwise he's either a narcissistic clumsy intellectual \ a coward \ or playing attention tricks and mind games for his own pleasure to boost his ego's self esteem. Stay away from that kind of man. It's not worth it!
When a man really wants a woman.
Boost yourself
And lift your spirit up
Keep moving forward
Do not ever stop
You have it in you
Just adapt accordingly
There is strength and courage
Utilize these qualities wisely
I See. There is a Channel you Subscribe
And plan your Craft with these High-End Personnel
Promote this Sport; From The Cliff's Humble Dive
And boost Ability you know so well
So does it Groom even more with your Age
And fix your Profile to this Pineapple
Eyes locked perpet; And skipped the Skillful Page
For Economy you chose to Stumble
There are Others below; Watching your Board,
Hoping this same Posh Meal they could Partake
If only they had - Quids and Statues - hoard,
Which in Bankruptcy their Moments forsake.
Only one Word, which will dry their Sore Tears
Flex their Rosy Cheeks; And live-out your Years.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
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