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Asominate Jan 2018
Oh, is it a lip bite hurt so bad
Plucking a bloodstream from my flesh
Blood going down into my head

Oh, titanitum needles inject
Give acid, take red water, insect

Dizzy around on the sky
Fly my wingless butterfly
So dead live

Oh, insert here, puncture shoulderblade
With enjoyness come and that waterfall
Metamorphosis cells my body change
I am rebuilt

Pale sheet, translucent skin, I flap
Sunshine hole in wing fire
You I live and die desire
This is about a vampire feeding then turning into a bat in sunlight and dieing.
Mystic904 Oct 2017
Spend away the world which ye most admire
Demands from thee, nothing but a sole desire
Impress Him, waking midnights in remembrance
For thee, shall thy soul be dipped in fragrance
Take my hand - you've got to
feel fun time's heading
Futuristic daydreams
are at hand -handy!
microchipped wild
boys and girls
on rent - hardly paid off -
dance! Roll the dice!
Flicker eyes!
Adrift on the dimlit
reflector rays°°°°you're
never lost or at loss;
Coloured circles glide
across the dancefloor__
bouncy boots swoon, high heels
crack, remastered barefoot Tribe~
Enjoys momentary revelations!
Latino lovers attracting
honey dew magnetic more-s
rain coats off - smiley coasts shine on~
those cunning shenanigan freckles
pressed redhair beauties against
needy torsos in ecco-leather jackets  
electrified silhouettes stunning
like elves un-fading beauty  
transforming tuxedos
of a tight
night; a jingle of
Prague crystals into
one dancing wave submerged
by the vicinity of hissing tongues  
-been- beaten by fierce kissing
in a stronghold ballroom
frenzy - polarized
beatings - hi-s and bye-s ; a
stroboscopic syncopation
ecstatic hips,  
space shuttle
mingled nirvana at a+
futuristic dream

— The End —