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I have never written about you                                          
The bond we share,
The chance to be one, which I blew.
You mend us and tried to clear the air,
But I already accepted the fall which I knew.
I am responsible for every tear, I swear.
You were right and always true.
I regret but, to accept this in past, I scare.
never accepted my fault and never thought of writing about all your good deeds till now when you are gone...
Arcassin B Sep 2019
By Arcassin Burnham

The promise you told was definitely in vein,
the promise you told stay strong on my brain,
the promise you told made the secrets unfold,
but you broke the **** so what more can you gain,
i type and i type, these feelings won't write,
i think and i think about your face at night,
but your hate grows stronger , the hours grow longer,
it has me feeling i need to do right,
The petty **** you do is super cute,
the lies are written all over you,
i thought that you'd always be my boo,
but the feelings i had you overthrew,
i thought your energy was kinda cool,
but you played with my heart like i was a fool,
after thinking i would see you soon,
but you blew , it.
oh! My love
put your hand in mine
we will discover a wealth mine

we will be rich
and gain every wish
i know the winds blew up

disturbing all things
the ship sinks
if we follow sail against winds

the clouds appear
making the universe dark
we will convert our black

into good and sweet
if we follow our lights
gain from hearts

the poor will be at land
preventing any plant
we will plant

it will be green
if we plant tree
of love which is free

the Satan will appear
announcing war at angels
it will stay

if we we only obey
the lover which is clear
love is the tree of honest, faith , believe
Zero Nine Apr 2017
How in the flying ****
do I begin to place an ad?
My body hasn't known
touching love since, hell
I don't remember when.
I want your love on me
Deeply free, brave bedroom
eyes. I want my love all
upon you, too. Lonely
existence, isn't it? Livin
vicariously through friends
is often your biggest and
loudest indicator of a good
day. Who? You gave head
to who and who blew you?
Never wanted children
with my baby for a reason,
but now the reason has crept
upon us, this house regardless.
I say to my friends, Who?
You gave head to who
and who blew you?
I say, Who? You
gave head to
who? And
who blew
You were my best tire and I blew it.
Poetic T Aug 2014
Death needed a break
Any place would do
Just a week off would suffice
As reaping can get tiresome
If its the only thing you do
So many ways
Simple with a touch
Or complex like
A final destination death
Gosh they were fun days,
Ships I cant travel on,
Just between me and you
"The Titanic  was my last holiday"
I had that sinking feeling,
When I walked on board,
And my holiday became a working one
My holiday once again sank short
Of all the things a giant ice cube,
But that wasn't the worst
A Beach I thought a long time ago
Pompeii was a pleasure
till it blow off its top
Pyroclastic flows,
I was getting burnt up inside
Hot rock holes in my clothes,
Again a working holiday
When will my time off
Just be a relaxation
No souls to judge
Your given
An extra week,
Live life,
Seven days,
Too do what you want,
Because when my holiday ends
"I'll be coming to reap you"
**Now don't do stuff stupid things..

— The End —