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Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
Death would make a dark valentine
I'll join your hand with mine
Midnight strikes
Our skin will meet
Over a road made with sheets

Together we will take it slow
Taken by shadows that are forever kept
Water's slowly rising
Instead I'm learning to swim
In our beliefs
Treading with limbs

Splinters thoughts
Negative energy
Scattered about too many places to see
Pressure wracks my consciousness with unuttered questions
Mix of doubt and adoration broken into sections

Ruins moment with cold insecurity
Fights desperation
Winning barely
Aroma of chocolate wafts through the air
Breathe clarity and briefly my senses are thankfully aware

I slowly blend surroundings until it's all a blur
Table decked with items you prefer
To show you how much your love means to me
All that shows is the success we'll never be
Written 2-7-20
دema flutter Mar 2020
the 31st of every month
is meant to give you
one more chance
to cease the moment
and enjoy every breath
before the cycle ends,

the 31st of every month,
is a time to finish your to do-list,
even to start writing one
and to prepare before the
calendar folds its pages again,

the 31st of every month,
is a reminder that you
don't have to stop counting
at 10, 20, or 30,

the 31st of every month,
is a good citizen,
because it gives
more than it takes,

just ask February where its
30th has gone,
and it will tell you
how it retired and
took off with
the 31st.
NeroameeAlucard Feb 2018
You know, I've written about love
Or the lack thereof in my life quite a lot
And I've been holding this in so long its ******* my intestines in knots
So I'm going to say this know before i blow up my spot.

******* Valentine's day, go and rot.

I hate feeling pressured to buy, buy, buy!
"If you love her you'll go into debt up to your eyes!
 If i loved her id show it, not rely on breaking my credit into pieces you greedy ****** its
A **** frustrating thing to deal with in a relationship. But being single might be just that little bit worse

Like being paddled for a college initiation, there's very few things worse.
Well, maybe joining my love life in the back of a hearse
Geez, that hurts.
But seeing all the lovely couples around town
Drinking coffee, being cute, just drives that nail further into the ground.
Reminding me that I'm about as desirable as a ****** without buck teeth, or Brad Garret refusing to frown.

******* Valentine's day, I'm sick of you bringing me down
This is the single most cynical thing ive ever written

— The End —