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E Jul 28
You just got roasted
Bhill Aug 2019
Pour the coffee please
Coffee wakes up the senses
I need the black bean

Dry roasted and pressed
Ground to make the very best
Energizing beans

Brian Hill - 2019 # 196
Who's addicted?
Poetic T Aug 2019
I was swollen in
  the whirlpool of coffee

Tsunamis of headache

But when the waves of coffee beans
               collected on my shores

I trod upon them, crushed and slowly
                               roasted under repeated waves.

And then they washed over me,
                            caffeine drops falling
               like rain on my senses.

When I was drenched,
                      calmness fell upon my mind,
                     And I was myself once again.
ninacrizelle May 2019
He was dark and steaming hot
Oh! Unique and authentic too
The type you’d chillout on a weekday after work
Or wake up to a sunday morning route

He was bitter... but oh so sweet!
His scent... I swear, nothing could beat!
Just one more cup please
One more sip to finish these load of sheets.

Ah yes! He was coffee.
For all the coffee drinkers out there. Your forever buddy in all emotions.

— The End —