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Check the mirror
And see for yourself
The image you see
Maybe different from ours

You may see scars
But we see beauty
You may notice the indifferences
But we can’t t deny the perfect curves

You might have appreciated the beauty of others
But how we wish you see the angle from ours
Though sometimes you wish to have their features
Know that we certainly wish we had some of yours!
To the people who wish they were someone else, know that others wish they were like you, too.

I made this poem for a friend who always think that she have gotten too fat or that she may not look good on pictures and was too hesitant to have her photo taken because of her own depiction of herself.... but in reality, she’s actually, really really  gorgeous! She just doesn’t realize that.
He was dark and steaming hot
Oh! Unique and authentic too
The type you’d chillout on a weekday after work
Or wake up to a sunday morning route

He was bitter... but oh so sweet!
His scent... I swear, nothing could beat!
Just one more cup please
One more sip to finish these load of sheets.

Ah yes! He was coffee.
For all the coffee drinkers out there. Your forever buddy in all emotions.
ninacrizelle May 3
Thank you,
For the boundless discourses
For the endless laughters
For the daily greetings
And for the random I love you’s

Never will I complain,
Listening to your words
Nor to your bubbly giggles
Or even reading your daily remarks
Especially listening to your sweet declarations

Remember that I’ll always,
Get excited to hear the things that made your day
Look forward to your sweet voice every night
Be thrilled to read your morning greetings
And patiently wait for our times together

Most of all,
Your chapter is my favourite page
Our story is my favourite book
And you? My favourite person.
ninacrizelle May 3
Today marks the day we met
Total strangers, thats our first fleet
Until partners, can that be planned and set?

Illusion as it might appear
Imagination, as what we’d like to appeal
But can that be changed if we start to reveal?

I may have my own world
And you might have your own too
Still, can it be merged to be good for two?

12 hours in travel gap
1 hour talk before we take our naps
But for how long can we keep in touch?

Yet, just in case it takes place
Or it wont ever be, even in the 1st pace
Just remember what Im about to state

You’ll always be my favorite person
Forever busy and tired, juggling work and life
Yet sweet and funny, even green at times!
ninacrizelle May 3
Paano ba nagsimula ang ating kwento?
Yung dating magkabila nating mundo
Yung biruang ikaw at ako
Akalain **** ngayon ay nagkaron ng tayo

Teka, pano nga ba nauwi sa tawagang jowa?
Eh ilang taon nating di pansin ang isa’t isa
Malayo, malabo at talagang di naman uubra
Kahit siguro magbakasali, iisipin pa ring malabo at di gagana

Bakasali... tama, isang araw na nag baka sakali
Baka sakaling mapansin o baka sakaling pansinin
Baka naman maumpisahan o kaya naman ay masubukan
Kung gagana nga ba talaga o hanggang tanong na lang

Isang araw na di sinasadya, di rin naman pinagplanuhan
Inumpisahan natin sa simpleng batian
Na nauwi sa magdamagang kwentuhan
Hanggang sa aminan ng nararamdaman

Araw araw, palagian at halos kadalasan
Kwentuhan, asaran, lalo na ang mga awayan
Hindi pa nga tayo nun mag jowa kung titignan
Pero yung bangayan, parang aso’t pusang nagka sabayan

At dumating na nga yung punto
Na yung dating hindi sigurado, nabuo
Yung dating malabo, naging klaro
Yung dating ikaw at ako.....

Ngayon ay tayo.
ninacrizelle May 3
You may not be perfect
But you are enough
You may not be like them
But you’re way more than them

Others may seem brutal and harsh
But they simply don’t know what they talk about
Whilst the world may seem severe
Some people are just emotionally ill

You see, its not about them or what they say
Not even what they see or what their eyes convey
Still, it’s about you at the end of the day
What you feel and where you want to stay

Pressure may be too real
And depression may seem near
But just remember what I’m about to reveal
You’re too gorgeous for them to decipher!

— The End —