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Emma Feb 1
And so the shoe drops,
Easily, easily
It’s much easier for you to wound me,
than wear your human mask over lizard skin.
You gnash your teeth and flail your limbs,
like a ****** ******* lizard person.
How hard is it to check in when you’ve said something so worrying?
How hard is it to speak?
Or is it just that words don’t issue,
from betwixt your lizard beak?
Ashtyn Lucas Apr 2018
Hallo! It's Ash, and I'm sorry I haven't been able to upload anything recently. I've been going through state testing prep work(boooring) so now that I have finished the Math test, I can write this(yay!). So let's answer some basic questions! Also, if you're just reading this on the home page, check out my other poems on my channel! Thanks!

Age: 14
Birth Name: Rylie Ashtyn Lucas
Nickname: Ashtyn( or Ash)
Gender: Female
Grade: 8
Pronouns: She, Her
****** Orientation: Panromantic, Asexual
Best Friend: Maxyyyyyyy (his poem:
Siblings? How Many?: Yes, 5 brothers that I love dearly( except the eldest, he's evil..)
Birthday: December 15th, 2003
Birth Location: Landstuhl, Germany
Coke Or Pepsi: Coke
1 "addiction": Pinterest

Thanks y'all, sorry for not uploading recently. It's been hectic, not just with school, but also a lot of family drama(if you want more info, message me!)

Love ya!-Ash(tyn)
Lol, idk what this is, but do y'all like it?

— The End —