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Grey Dec 2019
I'll always be there to cheer you up
even if the only way I can do that
is by bringing myself down.
forestfaith Jun 2018
Twinkling stars, they shine so brightly, lights so brights but they don't blind me. Among the stars, they stay beating as one. Different colors, blue, orange, and white, twinkling in the night. Pulsing hearts, shining so bright. They're like jewels in the sky, even if you see it or not, their there, by your side.
something I wrote a few years ago if I am not wrong. I love this one too :)
Viseract Aug 2015
A friend is someone
Who stays
By your side
Through thick and thin
The shoulder to cry on
And when bad deeds are done
Someone to whom you can confess your sin.
Always there for you
Always care about you
Even when times are tough
Someone who helps you through the rough.
The shoulder to cry on
The one who helps you drive on
Through the pain
Again and again.
And still remain standing
At the end of the day.
For a rather special friend, Sarah Forester

— The End —