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amber Mar 2020
all the wine
went to my head
you fell back
and went to bed
amber Mar 2020
I refuse to acknowledge,
your vitality.
you do not deserve to exist,
in my reality.
amber Mar 2020
when I talk to you, it feels like I'm talking to a shell of a person.
amber Mar 2020
I scream until
my throat hurts
until the shrill noise
scratches my esophagus

I scream until
the pain numbs a bit

I scream until
I cry
tears streaming down my face
amber Mar 2020
im looking for
a shift in emotion
people can sometimes
provide this motion
amber Mar 2020
the light flickers,
everything in the room is illuminated,
only momentarily.
I wish I could see where I am,
it is all so unfamiliar.

the light's mischief is unsettling.
how dare it taunt me,
with the promise of sight,
when there is no such fulfillment.
amber Mar 2020
although I know I care too much...
I can't help that I stare too much,
now you are here,
and as I look into blue,
I can truly only see you,
and the color of your eyes.
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