Amber 5d

Feeling extra detached,
My empathy - unlatched.
Surplus time alone,
Odd feeling to the bone.
Never lonely,
But looking for a shift in emotion.
People can sometimes provide,
This motion.
Truly seeking just one person,
For perspective immersion.
A being who I personally find,
To have a lavishly beautiful mind.

Amber Jan 12

Your creator took extra time,
To make you so beautiful.
It is unclear,
As to whether,
Your soul is just as gorgeous.

Seemingly selfish,
Scared to see,
Your true self.

Staying in solitude,
Should sustain my safety,
But keep me from you.

And what if your soul sparkles,
Similar to your eyes.

Amber Jan 5

How is it,
I feel more alone,
Alongside others each day,

Than I did,
Continuously in solitude?

People exhaust my heart.

Alone it idealizes,
Human nature.

Weighs heavy,
And disappoints.

Amber Dec 2017

the ocean
of emotion
drowns me
but id rather be
gasping for air
than crackling
under the sun
feeling barren
in the desert of apathy

Amber Nov 2017

Your voice used to warm my heart.
The sound takes me back,
All the way back to the start.

When my body was brand new,
Freshly developed,
I could not see through,
Others' facades.
I always let them have their way.

I said no,
And you pressed on,
Hearing me,
But not paying much attention,
To my pleas.

Other protests went unheard,
Never escaped my mouth,
The lines were always blurred.

I thought I was loved,
But that was untrue.
I was being shoved,
Into a small dark place.
A place where you could do,
All you desired to.

I let you have me,
Before I knew who I was.

Amber Nov 2017

Although I often care too much
I can't help it, I stare too much
Now you are here,
And as I look into blue
I can only truly see you
And the color of your eyes.

  Oct 2017 Amber
Midnight Rain

the moon sleeps between your lips
pressed between two soft petals,
a delicate masterpiece is embedded within
your smile

your sleepy face,
yawning extraordinarily
at the stars as
they glimmer within your eyes

what can i say about such beauty?
about all that you are?

you are a night, magnificent in your wholesomeness
and breathtakingly sad when you break away

hello again :)

Thank you all so much for the love and support. I will always appreciate your kindness :)
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