Oct 7 Faith
I might love you
I panic when I see you
Your stare kind of scares me
I think I could stare at you
At night
When it’s quiet
Maybe you are sleeping
Or staring at me back
You probably would look different
From up close
Faith Oct 7
As I look at you,
Your face changes.

It falls into the floor.

It has slipped off your skull,
And melted onto the tile,
Beneath our feet.

Trying to pick it up,
Your face keeps slipping,
Between my fingers,
Like hot wax.

It hurts to see you like this.
I turn and leave.
Faith Sep 17
i tried to yell
to release my hurt
but it was not a yell
rather a wail
blood curdling
sounding like an animal
being murdered
i scared myself
Faith Sep 16
my house resides
next to a busy road
the sound of traffic
is muffled
by its soundproof windows
and so are my screams
Faith Sep 7
when i wake
i am jarred
and embarrassed
all that i try to stuff away
blooms so beautifully
and freely
in my sleep

my dreams
paint my desires
so honestly
and never tell lies
Faith Aug 29
I am trying
to keep my head above water...
and avoid looking at you
if i mistakenly do
I will sink so deeply
air will no longer be
a familiarity
not even a privilege
simply nonexistent
i will solely breathe you in
Faith Aug 17
how long
must i wait
for this weight
to be lifted
off my chest
my heart and lungs
are being crushed

as i ache
i cannot call out
for help
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