Faith 10h
disassociating hardcore
consciousness, far from here
lost amongst the clouds in the sky
as I come down, they follow me
fog lays softly upon the ground I walk on
Faith 1d
There is a tornado wreaking havoc,
Within the walls of my skull,
Shattering my psyche.

There is a small voice,
Imbedded in the lining of my stomach,
Speaking of hope and potential.
The noise is so faint,
I dare call it a whisper.
Faith 6d
talking to you,
is like smoking a cigarette.
your toxins slowly kill me.
at first it's hard to notice.
you hit my bloodstream,
and I get a bit lightheaded.
but over time,
I grow weaker,
and it gets harder to pick up the lighter.
Faith Apr 14
i dont want to be a part of this narrative.
my life is meant to be mine;
my will is meant to be free,
but what is surrounding me,
drives me to feel uncomfortably trapped.
can i change the way others choose to act?
what i can alter,
is who i am around,
and how much time i spend with them.
i try to limit the toxic energy some exude,
it tends to dampen and drastically plummet my mood.
i just want to run away & start anew.
Faith Apr 8
how would your hands feel
upon my skin:
rough and clumsy,
or soft and determined?
i dont know which i would prefer.
what emotions would your eyes carry,
as you look over my body:
excitement, nervousness?

how would i feel as you explore,
the vastness that is me:
or a sick feeling of the past?

i hope your fingertips would feel tender, and cautious,
rather than greedy and harsh like those, preceding you.
Faith Apr 1
I'm in lust with you.
You have revealed,
Your passion parallels mine.
I refuse to release the string,
That's upholding these fits of,
Physical infatuation.
My bed feels warm.
You are no where near,
But at least i know,
You are thinking of me;
And it warms my bed.
  Mar 22 Faith
what if there wasn't a thing called suicide?
what would we fall on then?
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