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amber 1d
i wanna see your heart:
open it up,
let me take a glimpse.

sheltering your fears,
holding your desires,
nurturing your passions,

i wanna feel,
how deeply you love.
amber 1d
talking to you
fits like a glove
you're not the one
I'm dreaming of
amber 5d
goodbye room
goodbye mountains
goodbye sun
goodbye loneliness

hello snow
hello cold
hello new opportunity

goodbye to the me
i was here

hello life
goodbye death

hello rain
goodbye pain
amber 7d
I feel constricted .
My surroundings are unfamiliar;
Fear is consuming me.
Seeking comfort,
I sip a droplet of water.

Suddenly, a foreign hand,
Reaches into my confined space.
I bite a finger belonging,
To the giant, daunting extremity.

Droplets of blood,
Stain the wood chips below me.

The face the hand belongs to,
Has tears running down its cheeks.
I did not realize:
It was trying to caress me.
amber 7d
I cannot sleep,
Knowing your heart hurts,
As you doze off.
amber Feb 8
i lay awake,
trying to dream:
perhaps of you,
perhaps of something,
more important.
amber Feb 8
Neither of us,
Are on this planet.
I believe it is why,
I gravitate toward you.

With thought,
You seem to be,
Burning passionately,
On Mercury.
While I am slowly freezing,
On Neptune.

I need to fly away.
With all this distance,
I still think of you.
Maybe if I take refuge,
In another universe,
I will think of me.
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