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Mark Toney Mar 2020
it's the end of the world as we know it - time I had some time alone

© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
11/9/2019 - Poetry form: Monoku - While this is truly a Monoku/Lyricku - This is the second instance of me using a lyric line from a well known song for my Monoku.  So I am designating this particular form of Monoku as a Lyricku - a type of Monoku that is made up of a single horizontal line consisting of seventeen syllables or less, in addition to being a lyric line from a well known song. - Lyric credit: Songwriters: John Michael Stipe - Michael E. Mills - Peter Lawrence Buck - William Thomas Berry - It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) © Universal Music Publishing Group - © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
Bekki Jan 2020
stomping against the tufts -
older than me
The knots
of a time long passed
I walk down
I walk down

Stinging kiss
of a nettle leaf against
my knees; unprotected
I walk down
I walk down

Brambles tug
my hair and arms
but I am rewarded
with the crisp tartness
of a berry.
Paul Butters Dec 2019
We watch from space
Safe in our spaceship
As a small rock planet,
That has orbited it’s star
Over seven and a half billion times –
All those billions of its years –
Is peeled away
And eaten
By that very sun
That gave it birth.

Two and a half billion years before,
This star ran dry of hydrogen
And grew
From yellow dwarf to red giant.

Now, nothing is left of three of its worlds,
All engulfed by flame
As the sun grew
Into a giant ball of death.
All history is gone.
Nothing to show
For countless civilisations
That adorned the third planet.

But oh what’s this?
We spot a tiny spacecraft!
Must reel it in.
Examine it.

It has a name:
“Voyager 1”
Inside: a Golden Disc!
A Golden Record.
We can play it.
Images of hairless bipeds.
Ancestors from that third planet.
Sounds of animals and someone laughing.
Images of bipeds taking sustenance.
And best of all
More sounds
Of something called “Rock Music”:
A being called “Chuck Berry”
“Singing a song” called “Johnny B. Goode”.
For we have feet too
And it makes them tap.

Paul Butters

© PB 12\12\2019.
5 billion years hence, the sun will become a red giant.....
Phi Kenzie Aug 2018
On some mornings
mom would ask
if Kyle and I wanted waffles
these were no ordinary syrup catchers
marbled by deep purple
stuffed with blueberries

When I was born
I was born a blueberry
due to the blue pigmentation
resulting from lack of oxygen
because of my mother’s smaller stature
that day a screaming smurf was brought into the world
and I’ve been getting redder ever since

Above the sink in my dad’s home
is a small purple bowl
handmade with a ceramic stem that broke off years ago
on the inside bottom is an engraving
that simply reads
‘Blue Berries’
but no longer carries fruit
Been boostin' on antioxidants since I was blue in the face
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
A sweltering run through the pastoral streets
Past the chemical plant and decrepit machinery
A couple miles trekked for nature's delicious treats
Incardine specks and black dots poke through thick greenery

Step over the ditch into the smokey mud
Stick your hand in carefully, the cost just a little blood

A blackberry picked from the protective thorn
is sweeter than one picked from the grocery store
Vexren4000 Feb 2018
Growing a rainbow of colors,
The fruits of flowering,
Shooting out color and sweetness,
So that some wayward birds may come by,
And spread some seeds for the bush,
As if the bushes can feel,
The pulse of life surrounding them.

Brandon Cotter Dec 2017
The berries harvest an electric brisk
Channeling fears
Of the roaring seas
Oh how the clouds ran that day
Beside tides of tireless wakes
Spewing from airless lungs
And of dreams
Pouring with laughter
Open toed and gay

A touch to my lips
Provokes my blood to dance
Joining hands with your heart
To the rhythm of your soul
We clasp
As a hymn of whimsical folly

Cheek to cheek
I taste you and all your wonders
Tantalizing every taste bud
Of adventures to come

As your **** latches to my gums
Surviving the swallow
Clinging to the last of our memories
I regret ever consuming you

The after taste of you lingers
Like empty vases scattered from death
Hollow of the red I once held
And the smell I followed
When lost in the dark

I will find you someday
Deep within those woods we wandered
I will pluck you from safety
And we'll plunge into chaos
The chaos of love
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2017
Sweet Winterberry
Born in a womb of glaciers
Fall on my tongue crisp

Sweet Winterberry
Feel the kiss of the sunshine
As rainwashed is pure

Sweet Winterberry
Plucked and baked into **** pies
Tendrils of warmth blossom
Some haikus from my journal.
Robert J Howard Mar 2017
Ringing like a bell
Rolling in Hell
Sure was swell
You never could tell.

All along Route 66
Getting his kicks
Strumming and picks
Inventing the first licks.

Absolutely very
Completely necessary
Juicy like a cherry
Sweet as a Berry.

Down on your luck
Things sure can ****
Don't give a flying.....
Just listen to the man, Chuck.
An Ode, Chuck Berry
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