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Bhill 4d
the threshold to tomorrow is stalking us
is there destiny in the indifference
the indifference and concern with what is the future
we should all be the masters of what is to occur
go carefully with all the realities that exist
they are there and need to be discovered

Brian Hill - 2020 # 54
Are you ready?
San-Pei Lee Aug 2019
In my search for the universe
I heard the wingbeats of a butterfly
Wandering from the moon to the earth
I saw the stars sprinkle dust of love
Onto lands uncharted
And in those moments
I discovered worlds inside you
Elizabeth Feb 2019
You are the sunshine that lingers in my room when I feel so dark and lonely. You peek through my curtains blinding me with idea that I can get out of bed and nestle in blooming flowers and sprouting trees. Spring is coming you whisper to me but my mind is foggy, filled with thoughts of losing my self and trying to find myself again. You are the bird that chirps outside my window reminding me of the new day and the sunshine you are soon to bring in. You were the light of my life until you left leaving me lonely with little bird song to be sung and little sunshine to be felt.
Love lost
Geanna Jun 2018
No one is here

It's empty, she said
It's cold, she whispered
It's dark, she thought

"Forever alone" they laughed
"Forever alone" she cried

She's a viral joke yet to be said
She's a mystery yet to be solved
She's a safe yet to be discoverd

She is Jane Doe
~ G.P.O
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