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Zainab Jun 17
So if things go my way,
Will you love me any longer than today?
I want to hear you say,
That you’ll love me for eternity and a day.
Zainab Jun 3
I’d rather you touch me with your deep conversations,
Be stimulated by your personality,
Open up to you spiritually,
Receive your intellect,
Blow your mind,
Taste every word that leaves your lips,
Gently undress your thoughts or better yet, strip away your walls,
Make love to your inner conscious,
How’s that for excitement?
Zainab May 27
I look around and notice that you’re not here,
It hurts so much because I really want you near,
What is it that you crave with others’ company? It’s not fair,
Your attention is all I need and it is hard to bear.
Can you relate to this?
Zainab May 20
It always comes at times when I’m feeling alright,
When I’m not really searching but I’ll always find,

Why can’t you come at times when I’m feeling all blue,
Is it because you’ll see me and I won’t see you?

I’m looking pretty clearly, no clouds in my way,
I could lay with you all day and promise I’ll stay.
Zainab May 13
Whoever said it’s life, clearly didn’t fight for it.
Whoever said I can’t, clearly didn’t try at it.
Whoever let you go, clearly wasn’t right,
Cause if they were right, they’d hold on... tight.
Zainab May 4
You’re one of many and one of few,
The gateway to that realm of something new,
Old souls in a young form,
That strike of lightning in a cloudy storm,
Imagine you never came, imagine I never left,
Is inevitability real? Or would it have been reft,
Hoping this is limitless but counting seconds, minutes and days,
In case we outgrow this moment and life gets in the way,
But we are connected, connection runs deep,
Almost like a horror film, you turn away but still get the urge to peep,
Lurking in the darkest shadows of your conscious lies curiosity,
Had to be a reason we hit the earth at an incredible velocity,
Clearly our auras were meant to be seen,
By no other, than you and me,
Appreciate “this” in its entirety.
Zainab Apr 22
Summer nights and sunkissed days take me away,
Cushiony feelings oh so warm I can't complain,
Slow ocean walks take you in with a smile and a gaze,
Your velvety kisses make me want to stay,
Running through a field full of flowers of all different kinds.

I never count the seconds because I’m lost in time,
Like my tan from the sun you made your mark now you’re always on my mind,
You're my box of treasure, something I need to hide.

Bike rides in the forest,
Deep stares at the bright blue sky,
If I can be honest,
You're the best kind of high.
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